U-M Personalized License Plate Ideas

Submitted by OC_Blue on February 20th, 2010 at 11:54 PM

I'm a double Michigan alum '01 '09 (the best of football/the worst of football) and I moved out to California after graduating in the Spring. I'm about to buy a new car and want to get a plate that shows some Michigan pride in SC/UCLA country. There's a lot of Michigan alums out here so they seem to have taken up most of the obvious ones - so I was curious if anyone had any ideas or what plates they had in their state.

It can be 6 or 7 characters and you can use spaces but not 2 in a row. If I get the Kids are Awesome plate, you can also use symbols - a star, heart, or a handm but I'm not sure I want to go down that road. I've tried a lot of different combos of the obvious like GO BLUE, MGOBLUE, TRUBLU, VICTORS etc with no luck. I think HAIL was available but its a German car and I thought that might have some negative implications.

Any ideas?



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I actually had checked MGOBLOG - it is available. The problem with having a blog on your license plate is I don't really need any more help not getting laid. Plus Brian would probably get a lot of hate mail when I cut people off on my race to work in the morning.

Yes - SoCal is ridiculous, every day I'm amazed that there are people that have lived their whole life with winters like this. I feel cheated out of the first 30 years of my life.


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It took me a year of looking for searching options to get that plate. It would be awesome to see another plate on the road like it in CA.

How about


Oh, and if you put a Michigan sticker and/or license plate frame on the car, people get it pretty quickly.

Good luck!


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I like it except I think we've got enough Spanish out here already. I lived in Hermosa last summer and again for a couple months when I moved back out here. I think it has to be the best place on earth. Newport Beach isn't terrible either, but Hermosa is well, hermosa.


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I've lived in Hermosa since 2007, after 6 years in London and New York. I don't know what took me so long. I can hear the waves at night. The weather is between 53 and 78 pretty much year round. We get 325 days of sun a year, and only get smog when the santa anas blow, which is about 5-10 days a year. And I'm 10-15 minutes from LAX.

Hermosa is hermosa. Es verdad.


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Yeah I loved it there - lived on 15th & Hermosa this summer - you could see the ocean from our deck and just open the door and a cool ocean breeze came through the house. Took a job in Irvine though and the hour commute each way was wearing me out. Some day I'll end up back up there.


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Lived at 16th & Bayview when I first moved here. Traded in my ocean view roofdeck for a 2 car garage and 400 more square feet. Now I can only hear the waves. Still west of PCH, though.

I used to commute to Century City, which is 40-80 minutes depending on traffic. Now my office is downtown, which is further away but a shorter drive (no 405).

Alas, I'm now a consultant (formerly an I-banker), so I'm mostly onsite with clients, and mostly not in LA, so traffic's no issue. Spent most of last year commuting to Chappaqua, NY while working with Reader's Digest on their bankruptcy.

Mr. Robot

February 21st, 2010 at 12:16 AM ^


*Compatible with UM plate in the state of Michigan (Using the block M for the M in the line) for anybody interested.

Nothing will ever top my experience seeing the Speed Racer movie, however. I went to see it opening night in Grand Rapids at an IMAX theater and they had a car on display that some locals owned. They had completely customized a Corvette to look like the Mach 5, save for the lack of a trunk, and the plate said "Mach 5" using a block M...


Edit: Turns out M MAN isn't available. I see from a previous post that they have an availability checker I never used before. MGOPL8E is though!

Mr. Robot

February 21st, 2010 at 12:33 AM ^

But for some reason I think it looks better with the E on the end. Or at least, I did when I typed it. Looking at the plate checker though, 6 letters is kind of crowded, and I think reverting back to the 8 only would be a better idea. Adding the E would be good in case that happens to be taken though.

Edit: Right, California, not a plate with a block M...

Whatever you prefer then. But now that I've thought about it more, yeah, the "e" is very redundant and rubs my English the wrong way*, whether it looks better or not...

*Yes, I am complaining of proper English in a word that already uses an "8" in it to get around a lack of sufficient number of characters.


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would have offensive political coloration regardless of the car. On the other hand, sorry if I'm being obtuse, I don't see the problem with "Hail."


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Have you tried numbers that look like the letters?

G0 BLUE (zero instead of O)
M6OBLUE (six instead of G)
MGOBLEU (ze french)

V1CT0RS (w/ one and a zero)


February 21st, 2010 at 3:06 AM ^

Combining your Victors with a Z and Internet T Guy's Victors with a 1, works - V1CTORZ . My only issue with that is that most people will just think my name is Victor and the z is possessive referring to the car. Still a leading contender though.


February 21st, 2010 at 7:28 AM ^

I went simple with my plates and used my graduation year.

My plate says "MICH 09" and I have the university of michigan frame to make it completely clear.

I know you have two grad years but you could just use the first. Seems unlikely to be taken but it's Cali so who knows. I had some problems with my top choices in Missouri as well because of the damn blues. But I'm happy with what I ended up with.