U-M = Little Brother?

Submitted by AdamBurmeister on August 22nd, 2009 at 12:21 PM

My older brother, who is a big MSU fan, came over this weekend and was showing me something on an MSU message board.

There's this whole thread of a little black kid with Mike Hart's jersey and people photoshopping things like Dantonio holding him up and him riding a tiny bicycle and a million other things.

Anyways, as he was showing me the pictures, I saw a ton of posts referring to Michigan as "Little Brother" and like "Mike Hart, little brother".

I think it's hilarious that MSU's response to us calling them "Little Brother" is basically them saying, "Nuh-uh YOU are" or saying, "That former player who dominated us for 4 years and never lost a game to us...is short."

I'm not trying to start an MSU-bashing post here I just thought it was interesting, in a way, their response to Mike Hart's comments, 2 years later.



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Part of me wishes Hart had never made that statement, but he certainly did back it up. After all, Hart never lost to the Spartans, but listened to their incessant trash talk every year. So, from Hart's perspective, MSU was like a little brother who pesters you constantly but loses every physical confrontation.

Hart could have kept those feelings to himself, but I definitely understand his choice to make them public. From a 2008 post in a blog called "The Rivalry, Esq (I reformatted slightly):"

Statistics Since 1969

UM 360-101-8
MSU 220-218-9

Bowl Appearances
UM 35
MSU 14

Head-to-Head Matchup
UM 24-8
MSU 8-24

Statistics: a Spartan fan's worst enemy.


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Yeah, Hart should have kept his mouth shut. But it was the MSU players who talked trash first, the Friday before the game using the "Little Brother" phrase to put down Michigan players for their supposed arrogance. What is more, Dantonio is the only head coach that I know of that has engaged in trash talk to a single opposing player.

MSU is at least equally to blame.


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but he new he was going to win that game because UofM almost always beats MSU. It is unusual for Sparty actually winning the Paul Bunyan trophy. If you were Mike Hart wouldn't you put the comparison of the rivalry to a relationship between a big brother and a little brother.


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but he new he was going to win that game because UofM almost always beats MSU.

The comment came after the game. You don't really have a point here.

It is unusual for Sparty actually winning the Paul Bunyan trophy.

Michigan's record in the series is 35-23-2. While UM has the edge, it's hardly been "unusual" for MSU to win.

If you were Mike Hart wouldn't you put the comparison of the rivalry to a relationship between a big brother and a little brother.

No. Rather than try to get inside Hart's head, I'll base my conclusions on his words. And his words referred to the game. He was not making a larger point regarding the rivalry as a whole. It's been the fans that have made much more out of this phrase than its original context, just like "Michigan Man" and "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions".

I'm not opposed to the term "Little Brother" as long as it's used in good humor and not taken seriously or beyond the original frame of reference.


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You're more than welcome to scroll past my posts when you see them as well, it may not be as easy as ignoring threads but still feasible. I haven't actually read a single post The Barking Sphincter, King of Belch, McFarlin, Mahorn, or any of those other jokers actually make in ages, I just scroll on past them. Unless they have a score of like -10 or something, then they're fun to read.


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1. I made the standard, snarky, sarcastic, half serious, have jacktard MSU Obsession comment
2. People tell me to skip the thread, call it ironic that I have MSU in my name
3. I make a sub-mediocre joke about the origin of my screenname.
4. I'm called 13 years old
5. I call someone fat or something like that (This is the peak of maturity right here)
6. I'm told to ignore threads if they bother me
7. I agree I should do that, and advise people to ignore my posts too.../E-slap fight
8. Someone tells us to stop fighting (We already did)
9. Someone asks for a summary
10.I kindly oblige

Just another day on MGoBlog, argument peaks to child like maturity and then settles down again.


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Classic little brother... classic FAIL. Do they have another thread obfuscating their many second-half collapses.

Only 2 weeks to go.


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They will try so hard to defend last year's win and prove they are as good or better that they will leave the field with heads down and confidence shattered.

Bring it on Little Brother!


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Why since 1969? That's rather misleading as MSU won National Championships in 62 and 65. It's like when people say UM has only won 1 national championship in the past 61 years when they've won 2 in the past 62.


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Actually, it makes some sense. First, it was 40 years ago, so it's a somewhat reasonable cutoff. More importantly, that was about the time that the SEC integrated, which hurt MSU's football program considerably; they had been one of the few Northern schools to recruit the South and took a lot of black players who had been frozen out of the SEC. When the SEC integrated, MSU's pipeline dried up and their program has never recovered.

(BTW, they did not win the '62 title; that was USC.)


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The National championships sure change. The was the golden era (if you can call it that) of MSU football that we are leaving out. Just to point out that it was an arbitrary cutoff and disadvantageous to MSU.


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At the end of the day, his record against MSU is still a perfect 4-0. I realize they hate him, but it's just laughable when they make fun of him as a player considering he rushed for like 668 yards or something in 4 games against them.

Big Boutros

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My uncle went to Michigan State. He is an awesome guy. He has come to Ann Arbor twice to tailgate for the State game during my studency here (NEW WORD!) and he always gives me burgers. I don't call him Little Brother because he is my uncle so that would be incorrect. We have fun and then we go to the football game and then we high five.


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Haha I don't know if this is a joke or a for real, sort of, "Grow up" kind of statement. If it's a joke then it's for real really funny.

I don't call my older brother "little brother" either. Mostly because I'm 5'8" 155lbs and all of my 3 brothers (1 is younger than me) are each over like 225 (and a little taller)...but also because just because they're MSU fans doesn't make them MSU. They didn't play there they just cheer for them.

But you guys really high five after U-M/MSU games?