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Submitted by WoodleyIsBeast on May 9th, 2011 at 2:21 PM

Quick question for those of you that own one- Where is the best place/website to find a weatherproof M flag?  I recently put a flagpole in my front yard and would like to put a Michigan flag underneath the American one.  All the flags I've found online have bad reviews in that they fade quickly because of weather.  Have any of you found a durable one?


M Fanfare

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The issue is that dark navy blue fades quickly on polyester flags. You see the same thing happen on the blue fields of Ameican flags. The only flag I've had that the dark blue didn't fade was an old cloth US flag that my family had (and by old I mean it had 48 stars) so if you can find a cloth one that may be your best bet, but you have to be very careful about drying a cloth flag out if it gets wet.


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typically fail long term exposure to IR when dyed PE is tested.  Believe it or not, Black holds up very well.

I have a M flag from the M Den and I change it out every other year.  Annin Co. makes the best outdoor flags on the market but their Michigan flag is different than the typical M flag.

Choices are: M den and change out every other year or high quality flag the is not the block M.


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If you are 18 years old, project as one of the best tackles or cornerbacks in the country, and are in the top 25% of your class, we might have one we'll let you touch from time to time....



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Does anyone know where to find car decals that are the wing from the winged helmet?  The helmet is not a part of it.  It is simply the winged portion w/ one stripe.  I feel like it is a decal I have seen around Schembechler hall but not really in public too often.  I think it would be sweet to get the mirror image of it and put one on each side of my car.  Thanks and Go Blue!


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I am a billboard salesman and I can tell you boards that face south get bleached out way faster than a north facing board.  The colors on the vinyls only last about 2 years if they get hammered by the sun.  So if you want it to last longer put it in a area that doesnt get hit by the sun the whole day.

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If I were interested in keeping my flag from fading I would use a UV protection product made for fabric similar to this: www.rayandrain.com

I've never desired to keep anything outside my home from fading, so I can't say that the specific product linked above is effective, but if you look online enough, you're bound to find something that gets solid reviews for protecting fabrics like a Michigan flag.

I don't think your only option is to accept that your flags will just wear out every year...at least put up a fight and save some cash.


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I bought my dad one from the M-Den last summer when they ran their crazy online sale. I know you can't get it for this little now, but I paid something like $3 for it... The first Michigan flag we had lasted about two years and came from the M-Den as well. It was a bit faded after one year, and after two it needed replacement.

no joke its hoke

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here in southern ohio that just moved a few months ago that a dark blue block M flag on his pole that didn't fade.He had his for 6 years,unless he got a new one every year Hmmm

Michigan Moonman

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I live out here in Spartyland and rarely see this thing you call a Michigan flag (except for mine).  But there is one house in the area flying a Michigan flag, that is along a stretch of highway that I use quite often.  For several months now, I have noticed  a big maize colored flag with a blue block M flying proudly from his flag pole.  It really stands out!  It is just the opposite of what you might expect to see so it catches my eye everytime.  Maybe that is worth a try in order to keep the fading to a "M"inimum.