U-M bans bags following terror arrest

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MDEN. Making our way into Michigan Stadium every Saturday it's usually the first place we go to before taking our seats in the Big House. But as of the recent terrorist arrest in Conneticut and the link to Al-Queda in Columbus college football stadiums are hightening security to protect the 100,000 that gather to stadiums every game day. Michigan Stadium has now joined the effort in a new ruling that all bags and purses will be banned from entering Michigan Stadium. Many however aren't happy about this new stadium rule. It's safe to say we thank a Mr. Bin Laden son of a bitch for these new rules in security. But in reality I think this is a stupid rule. I recently drove up to Ann Arbor to the Michigan vs EMU game last Saturday my first game in the Big House.

As a Michigan fan I visited the shops and picked up somethings, a hoodie, new hat, M eye black, car flag, M wristbands and the ralley towel. Seeing as all that is a bunch to carry I put it all in a MDEN bag and made my way to the gate. As I handed security the ticket I was stopped and I gave a puzzled look. He looked at me and said bags are not allowed inside the stadium sir, sorry. I gave a timid look but threw my bag in the trash and gathered my gear and walked inside. Luckily there were team shops within the stadium so I got a bag from them and everything worked out A ok. But it's just a stupid rule I mean is really to much to just open the bag and look inside? I mean really this is rediculous.



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This: "But it's just a stupid rule I mean is really to much to just open the bag and look inside? I mean really this is rediculous."

Let's weigh the burdens here and the risks. Is it that burdensome for security to open, say, 30,000 bags (assuming less than 3 percent of the stadium has bags)? I mean, maybe not. But what's the effing burden on you not to bring one? Is it that bad? Is it really rediculous [sic] given the security concerns?

That's whining for the sake of whining.


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Less than 3 percent would be 3000 bags to search. The number would very likely be much higher. I've never understood the compulsion to buy a bunch of gear immediately before a game and then carry it into the stadium. Isn't that time better spent tailgating? It seems far more efficient to buy gear at the mall or online and avoid the hassle.

The loudest critics will be parents of young kids (no diaper bags). Having one myself (a young kid), I can understand the terror of being in public without butt wipes, extra diapers, and snacks. But, in the interest of security, folks can figure it out. Really, no reason to panic, just fill your pockets with all that shit that would've gone in a bag.


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Yes, it was an obvious typo.

Edit: Geezus, yes, I get it. The typo was in omitting the "0" from "30%" rather than a silent cry for help at calculating 30% of 108,000. I know lawyers suck at math (har har), but file this under the "eth = the" fast-typing typo category.


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or we could stop freaking out like a bunch of sheep that follow fox news and realize that a terrorist attack isn't going to hit ann arbor, there are thousands of more relevant places for terrorists to hit. It's kinda like how the terror alert level never goes below orange when i fly out of Flint. I'm glad those security checks are there to make people feel safer, i mean paranoid. There are just some places where the paranoia doesn't belong.


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in America?? How is that not a big deal and would freak out everyone in the US.

A shopping mall would be just as "irrelevant" but I think that hitting a shopping mall would scare the American public more than anything (or a school or a hospital). Anywhere where people go everyday because that would make people fear to go outside of their homes.


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... when people complain about small inconveniences that enhance the security profile for all.

It doesn't take a lot of thought as to why the Big House might be a target. What do we hear every home game? We're thanked for "being part of the largest crowd watching a football game anywhere in America."

Hello? Why do you think they stopped the banner flyovers?

Thank god al Qaeda is not known for recruiting football fans.


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the big house is not a target. its not in a major metro area, not integral to the financial welfare of america, nobody of any national importance is there, a strike here would not cripple the national infrastructure. stop drinking the terrorist attack kool-aid

wow, you guys just can't deal with the fact that U of M isn't the most important place ever. be realistic.


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or taking out people of national importance.

It's about putting fear into everyday people so that they cannot live their lives. That is what terrorism is.

It's not about us thinking that "OH THE BIG HOUSE IS SO IMPORTANT MICHIGAN IS SO GREAT"... It's about putting fear into regular Joe Schmos.


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Terrorists bent on terrorizing America would never be interested in 108,000 people all sitting together in one venue at a set time on a set date watching one of the most high-profile college football teams play one of America's most beloved sports, all the while being broadcast live on television. Nope, that would never be an attractive target at all.


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Please share more of your knowledge of the terrorist psyche and/or target choices.

I mean, Oklahoma City's federal building, while important, wasn't exactly integral to our country's survival. The recent bombings in Indonesia were all hotels. Car/bus bombings happen all the time in Israel, not always in major cities.

I really don't know what you're trying to express here. Is having your man bag that important to you on Saturdays?


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since when does paranoia need a reason? well, hopefully you all have stocked your underground bunkers up with non perishable food items and batteries, ready for another terrorist attack, or when the world ends in 2012, whichever comes first. fucking sheep


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1. While not legally in a major metro area, Ann Arbor is certainly in a major media market. And it doesn't even really matter, there are 108,000 sitting targets in the stadium, be it in Metro Detroit or Bumfuck, Nowhereland. Also, the metro area it sits next to has the largest concentration of Arab speaking peoples outside the Middle East. A strike in the Detroit region could be both a recruiting tool and a wake up call for Americanized Muslims. That's just as important to terrorists groups as destroying infrastructure.

2. It's a symbolic target. Taking out the largest crowd in the country watching our de facto national sport would be huge.

3. Don't be so sure. It's Homecoming... for a school like Michigan, that could mean the effing founder of Google.

4. Neither did the WTC bombings.


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"But it's just a stupid rule I mean is really to much to just open the bag and look inside?"

Yes, it actually is. When the huge crush of fans is pushing to get into the gates, it's a big hassle. It slows down the line and everyone else trying to get in gets all pissy. Plus I'm sure there is some potential legal issue about a stadium employee (not a cop) inspecting bags. I was already threatened with a lawsuit once when a I had to turn away a lawyer and her giant purse. I try to be nice but some people just can't handle it.

Everyone is b_tching about this and the security rules, I guess I'm in the minority, if you don't like the rules stay home and watch on TV.

If something should happen, even if one lone wacko sneaks in an m-80, there'd be a giant firestorm of anger along the lines of "They aren't protecting us enough" and all that. The university is taking every reasonable precaution it can. More power to them.

PSALM 23 Rod N…

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Have the Terrorist won? I have decided not to take my wife and kids to the game, for apparent safety reasons.


ITS HOMECOMING. Looking forward to catching up with all the Hot Coeds from the college days.

I am going to the game with my friends instead. Serves dual purpose, my friends are usually armed police officers, that do not drink. "The Man with the Star drives the car."

Because of me, you are all a little safer. Its a, how do you say, "Win Win"

(BTW White Pony Rocks, stop drawing attention to Bishop International Airport, otherwise I might lose my parking spot on the runway, next to the jets. )