Tyriq Thompson - UM/MSU battle

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For a while it has been reported that Tyriq's recruitment is trending towards Sparty but it now appears that the good guys have covered some ground for the legacy recruit. It's a good ol' in-state battle. He'll decide before the summer is over.


#Spartans & #Wolverines "neck and neck" for LB Tyriq Thompson: http://t.co/tvcfHRgeYm #TeamAdidas #SMSBTakeover @SMSBFootball Academy

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I looked and couldnt find it - largely cause I cant remember what StevenR titled it.  Basically it was him asking the board to be more careful with the posting of various pics of women in states of undress out of respect for his wife.  And then hilarity ensued as Stephen's request prompted all kinds of responses exactly the opposite of what he was hoping for.

To this day I'm pissed I missed it.  I went to bed about five minutes (if memory serves) before he posted it.  I remember reading it in the morning and just about pissing myself laughing.  It was truly one of hte epic threads of all time.

Not as good as the RDT "outing" by OMG Shirtless but it was close.  For my money - THAT was the greatest thread of all time.


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I know you follow these things as closely as anyone so it isn't news to you but it is to me and probably others as well. Honest question - is the standard so high on this blog that you are expected to read and commit to memory everything that is posted? Even so, this is news because it confirms the recruiting battle is still neck and neck and Michigan still has a chance. For my part the last I read Thompson was more interested in MSU.


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you mean from an "early scouting perspective on talent" he's not much of a loss. Meaning you only think based on the number of stars in front of his name at this point. If the coaches have identified him as a player they want, it doesn't matter if he's 3, 4, or 5 stars or if he's a legacy or not. 

Trader Jack

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I agree that the coaches have a better idea of what they want than I do. I also think that he's not a make-or-break recruit for this class. I don't think it would be a big deal if UM didn't land him, regardless of how many stars he ends up with. Hopefully he goes to UM and proves me wrong.


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Like Ed Davis?  A local kid  with 3/4 stars who destroyed UM last year and OSU in the Big 10 championship game as a backup.  Who now becomes a starter and will probably soar.   Last thing you want to see is a Thompson flying around making plays for MSU against UM in 3-4 years.


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So, maybe the reason they are having trouble landing him is because he realizes that Michigan isn't that interested in him for his talent, whereas Dantonio has such a sick, twisted obsession with one-upping Michigan that he probably recruits this kid harder than anybody despite the fact he's likely a career backup just so he can say on signing day "we got one of Michigan's legacies hur hur, har har"?


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I've never understood why everyone assumes legacy picks must go to their parent's school or it's an abject failure of said institution. What if he has different preferences from his dad? What if he wants to make a name for himself? What if he'd like to play in the NFL and noted that MSU develops talent a helluva lot better than Michigan does right now? He can make his own choices


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This comes up a lot.  I don't see MSU churning out an exceptional number of successful NFL players.  They have a lot of successful college players who don't seem to translate that success to the NFL.  It seems to me like MSU has a successful college defensive scheme and develops players well to fit that college scheme.  However, those players tend to do 'meh' in the NFL.  There are a few MSU players showing flashes in the NFL, but there aren't that many.  Data points please?


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If you re-read, you'll note that I didn't directly make the connection. MSU develops players a lot better than Michigan. Neither team is churning out NFL players regularly, but give me an Average Joe 3*, clone him, send one to MSU and one to Michigan, and it's a good bet he's going to be a much better player after 4 years at MSU than at Michigan


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He is planning to take an official.


LSU (no offer) is considered the early favorite for his services, but Bates made note that Michigan is currently "one of my favorites" and that he was recently visited by members of the Michigan staff in the visitation period.


Prince Lover

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Where UM has had 2 coaching changes and 2 overhauls to its roster?

I know, excuses and a**holes and all that, but a little perspective is nice.

The good news is when UM comes back to consistency, there will be plenty of room on the bandwagon for all you diehards out there who knew Hoke would do it all along!

Go Blue!!


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This argument literally makes no sense.

"2 roster overhauls and 2 coaching changes" is not a valid excuse. The reason we've had those coaching changes is because the previous teams weren't that great. Maybe if we were beating MSU and OSU consistently we wouldn't have had those coaching changes.

As long as we continue to struggle to beat MSU and OSU, 2 in 6 years will become 3 in 9 and 4 in 13. Is that still a valid excuse then?

Prince Lover

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The 1st coaching change was due to a retirement, not poor performance. The 2nd change was due to poor performance. And that is why I bring it up because I don't want a third coaching change due to lack of patience.


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1)  We need an OLB in this class;

2)  He is an in-state kid   (which, as we know, is important to current and future recruiting);

3)  He's a legit recruit and not a "sleeper" or unknown  (which would more support your point);

4)  It is never good to lose a MSU/UM, OSU/UM, and maybe even a PSU/UM battle with any recruit;

5)  The legacy thing is important .... but not as important as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

I always considered his recruitment a no-brainer and consider him a "must get"  (and no, the sky won't implode upon us if he choses a different path... but in the world of recruiting he is a "must get."


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100% agree.   Has anyone said that Thompson doesn't fit UM's system?    He's an OLB that can fit at WLB or even SLB depending on Over/Under and various packages.

Point is... he's a legit recruit.  Anyone sounding alarms and claiming the staff is only recruiting him because he's legacy is way off base.  (See Braylon's brother in a Gopher uniform)