Types of Rutgering pTomorrow

Submitted by Commie_High96 on November 9th, 2018 at 4:39 PM

What types of creative Rutgering could we see tomorrow?  We have the Rusing Rutger, Passing Rutger, etc, already defined

I would like to propose the Time-of-Possession Rutger (doubling opponent TOP, which we nearly did last week). Any new unofficial “Rutger” suggestions?  What could we reasonably see tomorrow?



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Yes, I made a typo and can’t edit it.  Sorry for not posting yet another stupid-ass playoff speculation thread which is what all you animals apparently want.

the Rutger is about total domination in a statistical category, I thought it might be fun on a Friday to discuss creative ways M might statistically dominate tomorrow.  But the Candy-ass grammar mommies showed up.

100% you are the one’s bitching out in the first half on the game thread this year.


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you’re paying a ton of attention to something you find so dumb. You must have checked back on this thread at least 3 times now.  

Sad to see lots of people here are still miserable trolls despite our winning.  Get a life and stop being stupid critical of someone trying to take a stab at something fun.  Stay in your hole.


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Not sure if it's already been defined, but a Rutger for more touchdowns than an opponent's total yards would be good.

Has an opponent ever been held to negative total yards?  Are running clocks typically implemented under certain circumstances or is it the discretion of the coaches?


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Hey, just a public service announcement from a friendly Rutgers alumnus. It is not ok to disrespect veterans of the United States military, and you have many people participating in this mass show of dishonor.

Every time you disparage the name Rutgers, you are disrespecting a United States veteran. Henry Rutgers was a Revolutionary War hero. Please show some decency and add the final "s" to the name of this patriot and hero. You can also visit this link for verification. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Rutgers

Many thanks,

JRED 26:24


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Rutger is now common nomenclature as a verb. Bringing up a colonial that before this thread I didn't even know existed, is rutgering yourself. Don't rutger yourself. Can a technocrat please put don't rutger yourself to a DJ Khalid meme?


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In gratitude, and hoping the college would be remembered in the Colonel's will, the trustees renamed it Rutgers College on December 5, 1825. (Colonel Rutgers left nothing to the college upon his death.)

I mean... I don't even...

I have a feeling good Col. Rutgers can distinguish between a joke at the expense of the football team and a joke at his personal legacy.

Suffice it to say that we hold Col. Rutgers in the highest regard and think that he'd probably move the line by 4 points if he were to suit up tomorrow.  Despite his having been deceased for 188 years.

The Mad Hatter

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I thought this post was going to be funny and sarcastic, but no, your dumb ass is dead serious. Rutger, and every other American that has fought and died in our wars, did it precisely to protect our right to say whatever the hell we want. Soldiers are citizens, just like the rest of us. They're not part of a protected class above all criticism that we're not allowed to make fun of. Tl;dr? Fuck you.


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This is either the subtlest /s ever, or a really shitty move on your part. 

Don't invoke the name of a long-passed veteran to try to cast aspersions (that means "insult" fyi...) on Michigan fans. Col. Rutgers is not being insulted here, as you damn well know, except by your university's hideous attempts at playing football. 

Kindly fuck off.


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Of course it’s ok. There’s nothing sacrosanct there. Sit he in ever so high a throne, a man still sits on his bottom. 

Can you imagine someone in any other profession saying it is impermissible to make fun of anyone in that profession? That’s absurd. 


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From the article: 

"For many years, no one remembered where his body had been finally laid to rest, although it was long believed that he was buried in a Dutch Reformed churchyard in Belleville, New Jersey. One road running alongside this New Jersey graveyard is now called Rutgers Street (signed as, but not technically part of, Route 7). Misplaced by history for over 140 years, Henry Rutgers' final "final resting place" was rediscovered in October 2007."

Even Rutgers himself was rutgered.



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I am shooting for the beer Rutger. More beers in front of HighPoint.com stadium than Rutger has 1st downs. If these tickets weren’t free because of work, I’d accomplish that feat from my couch.