Tyler Motte: Brief Scouting Report

Submitted by GotBlueOnMyMind on July 1st, 2013 at 9:32 PM

Saw this on the Blackhawks' page on NHL.com. Here's what the Blackhawks saw in him:

The smooth-skating Motte, who will play for the University of Michigan next season, showed his high-end defensive game as one of the USNTDP’s best penalty killers at the U18 World Championship. Despite a smaller frame, his energy and hockey sense are his best attributes, and he led the national development team in scoring over the last two years.

“He's a bit of a bull," Doneghey said. "He’s scored at every level, but he brings an intensity that’s second to nobody. He’s a guy who is probably going to have more bruises and ice packs on him than points in a game. He’s a really good utility player who can play a lot of roles.”

Given Brian's bemoaning a lack of effort by the team last year, this seems like the exact type of guy Michigan can use on the ice and in the locker room.




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I think Brian was pretty psyched for Tyler because Tyler seems to be one of those magic midgets that we've been missing since (I think) Hensick left and the type of magic midget that Miami has like 8 of every year. I think we're hoping he'll turn out to be a quick, high scoring bugger type of guy


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could have been drafted, except for the goalies and maybe a few others, without anybody being too surprised.  It's a heck of a strong class.  It's going to be exciting to see who steps up and validates/exceeds their expectations vs. who maybe doesn't end up being who we thought they would.

It also sounds like most of the headliners of the class are fairly good defensively, except for maybe Allen, who definitely sounds like more of an straight offense-first player (and who I think is the best candidate for magic midget, though he is an inch taller than Motte and not really all that midget-y at 5'10), which is good news for a fairly young/untested defense and a question still in net.


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Hate to say it but rumor out of Sarnia (Sting hold his OHL rights) is that the Blackhawks may want him to play for the Sarnia Sting this year. Also a D-Man taken from the Florida Panthers, Michael Downing, who's committed to Michigan is rumored to be heading to the Sting and not Michigan.


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Only thing I've seen so far is that the Sting want him to play in Sarnia. But of course, that doesn't mean we're ok. Every year we go through this crap.

  1. Player commits to Michigan; is committed to Michigan for like 2-3 years
  2. Player gets drafted
  3. Suddenly player goes to OHL

I hate it. We all hate it

Sac Fly

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The Blackhawks draft more NCAA guys than any other team in the NHL. These CHL guys love to stroke their own egos after the draft. Theres no rumor, just wild speculation from a Sarnia writer.

Sac Fly

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It stung at first losing Carrick, but than he blew up and left the CHL anyways. I think this year will be fine, if not we still have a few big recruits that can reclassify.


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So who's that? He was committed to Denver,I believe it was, and then last minute (when the Coyotes told him to) showed up to play for Sarnia.

There's some teams in the OHL

that have that ability to do this to players. London, Sarnia, Kitchener, Windsor seem to be some of those cities. Sarnia did it 2 yrs ago with a Swede that the Blackhawks had the NHL rights to.