Tyler Friday, 4 Star DT unfortunately trending to Ohio State

Submitted by Gatorade_Cereal on January 10th, 2018 at 12:25 PM
A run of crystal balls to Ohio State this AM...


Mr Miggle

January 10th, 2018 at 5:03 PM ^

Luke Kennard and Devin Booker most heavily, because he was in on both long before they blew up into Duke/Kentucky recruits. Mitch McGary came before the final four, obviously. Jaylen Brown and Mo Bamba more recently, because they initiated contact late in the process. Also they were the types not to be locks for Duke or Kentucky. 

I don't really see him doing anything differently, except being willing to overrecruit by one to allow for attrition. 

814 East U

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Can’t wait for the Sam Webb spin zone on this if Friday does end up at OSU.

Couldn't blame him. I wouldn't want to play for a mid tier BIG team either if I had offers from every school.

Otis Reese and J. Patterson will soon choose other schools as well. But hey, we will get our 7th 3* CB! He's 6'2!


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Albeit not eloquent, I think he's summarizing and expressing the frustrations many on this board have about this year's recruitment.

I hope that whoever is hired for the new coaching positions, they bring a solid recruiting network with them.


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We used the bad 2018 recruiting coaches.  Not sure where we found the good 2016-2017 and 2019 recruiting coaches, but hopefully they stick around.  

Hopefully your Eyore oulook will get to Rumler and Hinton and they leave to so you can be right.  


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There will always be 3 stars who become first round picks and 5 stars who become busts and end their careers at Central Michigan.


But recruiting does matter. The best coaching isn't going to solve every physical shortcoming. You can't give Michelangelo a truck full of horse manure and expect the David.


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So far under Harbaugh the hit rate on 3 stars has been very high. Is it variance and the staff will regress to the mean or is something more sustainable is unclear. Possibly because up until this year (I don’t count the crossover class) they were able to be very choosy with the 3 stars this year will be a test with it being so many. I think the hope is that Harbaugh has really emphasized scouting and has spent a lot of resources putting a large staff in place. Of course on aggregate stars matter but I am pretty sure Matt Dudek is a better scout than Allen Trieu.


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They haven’t gotten it done and hitting on some 5 stars would probably have changed that (like say Isaiah Wilson, Josh Rosen and Minkah Fitzpatrick), and losing out on Aubrey Solomon would have hurt the outlook for next year. I just wouldn’t feel better about random 4 star guy over over the guys they have scouted very well and will fit with their system. They need those elite top 50 types to compete with the big boys. They got them the first two years. Hopefully this year is an outlier.


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Coaches should be developing players. It’s OK if we aren’t consistently bringing in a top-10 class. The players we are bringing in right now are good. Wisconsin, MSU, Oklahoma State, and Northwestern are doing pretty damn well and they don’t even bring in top 25 classes each year.


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Michelangelo used a piece that had been rejected by many other artists because it was thought to be too narrow. One of the things that makes the David so impressive was carrying such strength in such a narrow piece. So TLDR Dantonio is the true Michelangelo. This clas will be solid depth sandwiched between elite ones


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McKeon is good at catching and blocking, and was the leading receiver (low bar, yes). He's not Tyler Eifert, but I look forward to his play next year. I think Metallus will have a battle on his hands, but as a junior probably has a good shot at being better than his mostly okay play this year.

Replacing these guys with 5* wouldn't change this year into a championship year anyway. This year was about OL and QB and QB and QB.

EDIT: Losing Friday would feel like shit. Losing him to OH would feel like eating shit (one imagines).


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One of those guys never made it to campus so he didn't effect scholarships... And he is hitting those 3 stars at a better rate than Hoke hit 5 stars. You need three stars to fill in a class, this class has more 3 stars than I would like, but at the rate Harbaugh picks good ones, the amount of talent in this class will be better than any non-Harbaugh class since, 2002?


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Obviously it would be silly to blame Sam, but isn't Friday the guy that he was doing a multi part series of interviews on? Including with members of his family? That's usually an indication that the recruitment is already over. That adds salt to the wound obviously.