Ty Law Players' Tribune Letter

Submitted by Billy Seamonster on January 18th, 2019 at 12:17 PM

Ty Law penned a "Letter to My Younger Self" on The Players' Tribune. He goes in to some insight on his time at Michigan and playing with Brady in New England. Includes some crazy stories about his upbringing that I never know.



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Mike Damone

January 18th, 2019 at 12:30 PM ^

Thanks for sharing, OP.  That is a bad-ass read.

Love the 1st paragraph describing Tom Brady after his Patriots made that legendary late round pick of Brady:

"Number 12 — a skinny little pretty-boy named Tom. He’s the backup quarterback. You’ll know about him because he’s a Michigan guy, like you. You’ll actually sell him your house when the Patriots draft him. You’ll even give a discount to your fellow Wolverine. You gotta pass on the wealth and take care of the young bucks, you know?"

Ty Law was one hell of a football player, college and pro.  One of the all time best at his position at Michigan.  And sounds like he earned everything he got...


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I don't interpret it that way at all.  He's just describing a conflict that probably happens a lot of times across the country, where coaches challenge a guy to stay when he feels he's ready to leave.

Note that shortly after this in the story he refers to himself as "a Michigan guy" and calls Brady as "a fellow Wolverine."  

Malum In Se

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One night, after your high-school team loses a game it should have won, you’ll be walking home from the stadium and you’ll see your friend’s grandmother sitting on her front porch — a sweet old lady … one of those old-school, heart-of-gold grandmas. You’ll smile, wave and say hello, addressing her as ma’am, just like Pap taught you.

And she’ll be like, “What in the hell’s wrong wit y’all boys losing a game like that! G’on and get yourself home, boy. Get outta here!”

What do you even say to that?

The answer is … nothing. You just do as she says and get your ass home.

My high school football coach was originally from Western PA.  He used tell stories about players having to sneak home after a loss because people in his town would cuss out or throw rocks at them for losing.  I always assumed he was just drunk and exaggerating.  Now, I know he was drunk and telling the truth.


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And what follows is also priceless:  "But that’s good. It’s gonna prepare you for the next level, and eventually, the highest level.  Because when coaches start using four-letter words and fans are throwing things at you, you’ll be like, Man, y’all ain’t got nothin’ on the grandmas back in Aliquippa!"

Remembered thinking of him as part of the All-Name Patriots Backfield (Ty Law & Lawyer Milloy), so much so that I started thinking Milloy went to Michigan (he didn't). In checking my facts found this little tidbit: Ty Law's first NFL sack, in game 17 of his rookie season for the Pats, was of the Colts QB, one Jim Harbaugh.  (The Colts won 10-7.)



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How he doesn’t get more HOF run is inexplicable to me ...at one point he was compared and contrasted to Deion sanders as to who the best CB in the league was, with Deion getting the nod for flash and pure coverage skills and Law getting lauded for his more “complete” skill set.   He is probably the most responsible for the shutdown of the greatest show on turf after popping Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt that team caved.  He was so effective at press man bump and run that Bill Polian GM of the colts and chairperson of the NFL competition committee lobbied to change those rule, in an effort to let Peyton Manning and his finesse built colts win in the playoffs.  These changes are the root of how the league became basketball on turf as it is nowadays.  I could argue the changes had just as big an impact as those made due to Lawrence Taylor’s dominance in the early 90’s and that sounds HOF to me.  While Mr. Woodson is my favorite Michigan player of all time Ty is a close second screw Kordell and Westbrook it was a fluke.


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I believe so too, just seems some media types don’t give him his due and proper...a lot of the players on those early  aughts Patriot teams where seen as a product of the system and overachievers.  I think that perception unfairly hurts him in the HOF discussion.  Would have been cool to see him and Tom go in together but 12 keeps ticking like a Swiss watch.


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There's a good book about the town where Ty Law grew up. SI a couple years back had an excerpt from it (featuring some harrowing stuff about Law). Showed how important (for better or worse) youth and high school football is to some towns, particularly towns whose best days are behind them.



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Inspirational read.

iirc, Law held Galloway to one catch in two games against OSU.  Something about not wanting to see Galloway’s smile on TV.

The Claw

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Couldn't have carried less about NE until Law and then Brady became players there. Alan Branch had a monster season for them during their last Super Bowl win. Hope Tom gets it done again this weekend. The young buck needs to wait a few more years before he gets his turn.

Dayton Blue

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"And then when the OC turtles vs. Colorado, Kordell will give it a final heave-ho.  You will audition for a spot on the volleyball team and it'll send Coach Mo to the Excalibur."


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I laugh at the idea of Ty Damn Law-- a man who terrorized me as a Colts fan-- not being "Michigan" good. The coaches telling him he's *maybe* a third rounder kinda makes me mad-- dude was good.


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Next time you think about slamming a kid about sitting out of the bowl game or leaving early for the draft.   They probably have more riding on it than you.


On one of those trips home, you’ll be in the kitchen and you’ll notice a letter from the bank sitting on the counter. 

That $5,000 Pap used to buy you the LeBaron? He took out a loan for it. He put his house up as collateral, and he fell behind on payments. He had to file bankruptcy.

Now, he’s in danger of losing the house.


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Pick Six in SB.  Picking off Peyton 3x in AFC Championship game.  So enjoyed watching him play at Michigan and with the Pats.  Nothing more exciting than Ty Law returning a pick, was always looking to get into the end zone. 


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Happy for Law that he had such a good career and turned his life around.  However, reading this made it seem like he's a bit of a prima dona (and not much of a team player) - and was much worse during his playing days.  I do not know him personally, but remember watching him while at UM - sad to think that his college days seemed to mean so little to him (atat least from this article).


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I regret that I am unable to upvote the op. Since there's so much complaining about poor posting on the board, I'll throw out an: Excellent post, Billy Seamonster :) for good measure.


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loved it.

it gives some perspective on some of the guys that leave early. 


As a a dad I wish I’d met Pap to get some pointers. What a legacy.