Ty Isaac waiver?

Submitted by Eskimoan on August 23rd, 2014 at 3:33 PM
Ok unless I missed it somehow, when will we find out about Isaac's waiver? I know we are only a week away from kickoff and I haven't heard anything. It seems we should know by now, anyone know the timetable on these things?



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Its fuckin amazing on how the majority in these threads are straight douschbags and arrogant fuckfaces bc god forbid they ask a legitimate question that wasn't spelled out in.an OT thread (dgb waiver). Some people on this site can't read every post to every thread. No reason a lot of ppl say Michigan fans can act like Notre Dame fans. Because some of the people just act like entitled fuck sticks. Seems like the guys who jump all over a poster are d bags who never get laid bc they are too busy being message board nazis. Word to the wise, you wont get laid when you spend all of your free.time making douschy comments on a message board. I know ill get negged to Bolivia but my mgopoints wont prohibit me for getting laid and.continuing or lack thereof wont stop me from getting my MGO on.

Mr. Yost

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...any day now.

But yes, get ready for the snarky comments. Just like the Devin Gardner "did he get his redshirt?" questions or requests for the updates on Stonum's status.


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WOTS is that Hoke revealed at the UM Club of Ann Arbor luncheon this week that the waiver had been denied, and the appeal has been filed.

Disclaimer: I was not there, so take it fwiw.

Edit: Sam Webb has all but confirmed this on GBW.


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Hoke was on the radio yesterday and used the word "appeal"—seemed like a public confirmation that the original filing had been denied:

Deepest competition on your club: "The running back position. There's really competition daily there with Derrick Green and De'Veon Smith. ... Ty Isaac's a guy who is here in the program, we're waiting on an appeal for his waiver to see if he'll be eligible or not."

LSA Aught One

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This is why you sign up for 24/7, rivals and ESPN insider. This was posted weeks ago, but I was told not to share. They told me that Listerfiend, the mouth troll, would bite my tongue off if I told.

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The NCAA released its decision..but the rest of the board didnt want to clutter up the msg board with this news. As you can see there was more important topics to post like posting fantasy football teams, a skydiving video, the 20th thread about it being last day for OT posts, a thread about who your favorite poster is, and probably a drinking thread. If the board quiets down from these important topics, someone will probably post a link to the Ty Isaac decision.

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Year of Revenge II

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Whoever posted the above is spot on.  If the posters of such topics know so much about Michigan athletics, college sports/politics that they criticize an individual seeking information about a situation that is potentially very relevant to Michigan on the field, I would think that there would be less posting about those topics cited by pearlw.  

Let the entertainment continue!!!


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My understanding is that his mother can not fly so he left USC so his parents could visit and see him play??? He lives in Chicago, correct? A 3 1/2 hour drive is not excessive considering the size of states and how far many students drive to get to their state universities across the country. Not to mention UM students and Alums who regularly drive that route. Yes, there are closer schools, but the driving distance does not seem excessive to me(course I am not NCAA). Is the NCAA trying to limit him to specific schools or a reasonable weekly commute for his parents. Yes, of course I am biased, but it seems like a no brainer to me.


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he would have to transfer to a school within a designated radius of his home to recieve the waiver. Michigan is significantly outside of that radius and thus he can't play, despite being significantly closer to his mother than he was at USC. It sucks, sure, but if we want the NCAA to remove subjectivity from its evaluations and be consistent, this is what consistency hopefully looks like. 


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Whether it's excessive or not is irrelevant.  the rule states that the new school has to be within 100 miles from home (I believe that's the number...it may be even closer).  Since they are in Chicago a number of schools fit that requirement, but AA is over 250 and therefore does not.  It's pretty cut and dry really and while there's no reason not to appeal just in case, I wouldn't hold my breath.  They're pretty black and white with this kind of stuff.  110 miles?  Sure.  2.5x the rule?  No way.  

So we just have to hope that DG truly has gotten some speed back and is capabable of getting beyond the LOS in less than 3 seconds unlike last year.  


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It's a guideline. Well really it's not even a guideline, it's just sort of what they've done in the past more than half the time and have already said it won't be what they'll be doing next season. The NCAA can do whatever they wish with this and will. Just let us not give them some kind of cover that this is cut and dried - because it's not.

Year of Revenge II

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If you are going to assert you know the answer to the hows and whys of NCAA decisions, and play the rule card, I would think you would at least cite the "rule".  

My educated guess is that you cannot, but that you gleaned this information from some sportswriter who is similarly clueless about the applicability, enforceabilility, and procedural nuances of the NCAA's hammer.

NCAA is not "black and white" with much.  In fact, if you sent a black sheet of paper and white sheet of paper to 50 NCAA employees/independent contractors, you would likely get only 50% of them to agree on which sheet was black and which was white, and the half that was right would be owing to random chance.

I would think the intent of the rule, regulation, or whatever they are calling it today, MIGHT fit Isaac's situation, so it is far from black and white IMHO.


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I have a dachshund who ate her own poop this morning (not a first) so I interpret that to mean no TA waiver, legal trouble for a former UM defensive player, and Dave Brandon approves a giant mobile helmet Mascot. 60% of the time it works every time.