Ty Isaac Visiting Michigan Next Week

Submitted by michchi85 on May 29th, 2014 at 10:04 AM

Things have been quiet with Ty over the last week or so, but now he's beginning to take visits.  Getting him on campus is a big step in the right direction.  Haven't heard him visiting any other schools besides Michigan and Illinois at this point.


RB Ty Isaac's mother tells me Ty is visiting Illinois and also plans to visit Michigan next week.

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) May 29, 2014



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That’s kind of true.

I just feel that they have the talent and depth at RB right now.

The biggest unknown, in my opinion, is the O line. The general thought is that although they have a bunch of talented young O lineman on the team, not many fans are willing to be patient for them to develop and come into their own.

A ton of people were ecstatic when a 3* backup center possibly had Michigan as a transfer destination.


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stated on the Scout board today that this visit is nothing new.  It has been tentatively set for the last couple weeks and to stay cautiously optimistic until a firm date is confirmed.

Take that for what its worth.

Wee-Bey Brice

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Hmmm... lets weigh our options here. Would you rather sit out for a year and go to Michigan or play for Illinois "LOLWUT" Football immediately? I'll have to sleep on this one.



Buck Shaner

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 he is being looked at as a potential wide reciever rather than a runningback?  In high school he would occasionally line up as a reciever and appeared pretty well-suited for the position.   I would be interested in hearing the opinions of some of the posters more skilled at talent evaluation.


Disclaimer: I have no scouting/coaching expertise. 

Mike Kenn

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He played in an old school double wing or "india" offense at joliet catholic. His high school highlight reel was 7 minutes of him taking jet sweeps for 60 yards. lol

The double wing frequently lines the wingbacks into the slot. Its just part of the offense. They have 3 backs on the field at all times, so to "spread" it out, they slide the wings into the slot.


But to sort of answer your question, no, he is a RB. He would lineup in the slot occaisionally in high school, and he has nice receiving skills, but I assume he would stay at RB. He has great size and vison. I liked his balance. Looked like a great RB prospect. I wanted him much more than Green


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I'm looking at a google map app with a radius of 100 miles outside of Joliet and this is what I'm seeing:


  • Much does depend on if it's "as the crow flies" or on roads.  Google driving directions from Joliet to Champaign says 114 miles, but as the crow flies it looks like it's barely within the 100 mile radius. 
  • My other question is--where in Joliet does this guy live exactly?  Believe it or not, it might make a difference depending on what side of town he lives on.  If he's on the northwest side, Memorial Stadium is literally a mile or so outside the 100 mile radius.  If he's in the south end of town, Memorial Stadium falls within the 100  mile radius.
  • Other potential schools I see include:  NIU Huskies; Purdue; and Notre Dame.

It's possible that the options are "Northwestern or wait a year for sure", in which case Michigan might stand a good chance.  But if the options are all of the above, I could see him going to at least ND unless the recruiting reports say otherwise.  It also might be really a 3 tiered approach:  immediate play at Northwestern; appeal to schools that have a solid chance of getting the OK (Notre Dame, Illinois); appeal to schools that have less of a chance (those far outside the 100 mile rule---250 miles like Ann Arbor for example).

The other thing is--could he ask for a decision or an appeal and see what the NCAA would say first?  As in---"I'll go to XYZ school, but only if I get that immediate play ability; if not, then I'll go to ABC school with a guaranteed immediate start"?  Or is this kid basically forced to roll the dice and if he chooses a school that requires an appeal, just be OK if he ends up losing it?


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While it'd be nice for him to come to UofM, I'm hoping we have a stable of monster RB's by then (including Harris and Weber).  Given that (optimistic) assumption, I'd like to see him end up at Illinois.  They're a program that needs some serious talent and he can bring it.  The B1G West is so, so weak and they need an improved Illinois program.


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Northern Illinois is 63 miles from Joliet. They have a pretty good squad and have put a few RB's in the NFL in the last decade. Not to mention they did make an Orange Bowl two years ago. 


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Northern Illinois would be a major step down for him. I always got the feeling that Isaac wanted to be on the big stage. I feel like he has to end up in the Big Ten (preferably at Michigan) or at Notre Dame. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't think NIU, Illinois, or even Northwestern are big enough programs to satisfy his wants.