Ty Isaac transferring from USC

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IIRC, we were his leader for a bit.  Was a 5-star RB; do we take him if we don't get Damien Harris? (He played sparingly last year in his freshman campaign -- I'd imagine he would have to sit out a year unless he gets a waiver. 40 carries for a 5.9 YPC average and 2 touchdowns as a 3rd/4th string backup last year.)


#USC tailback Ty Isaac confirmed that he's been released from his scholarship and will to transfer closer to home. Story coming.

— Chris Swanson (@ChrisPSwanson) May 14, 2014


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Ty Issac that Michigan's staff was recruiting a couple years ago? :

IL RB Ty Issac
Beast, 6'3 220, very surgical runner but also can make plays after contact. Received his Michigan offer this week, which he is pretty excited about. Has many suitors and the staff will need to make some ground. I think coach Jackson is personally recruiting him. My favourite RB from the Midwest. 





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The timeline for taking Isaac and getting Damien don't line up.  Ty will be making his decision very soon while Damien won't be for almost a year.


That being said, we are certainly closer to home.  If we have a shot at him I say we should try to re-light that fire.


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Sam Webb said on today's recruiting roundup (podcast) that Isaac had received a release to 17 schools. Michigan is on the list; Notre Dame and OSU are not. There's definite Michigan interest:


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USC has been known to give kids unconditional releases due to family reasons.  Rumour is that Isaac contacted ND in January about transferring there.   Seeing as how ND can't fill out an 85 man scholarship roster they'd be stupid not to take him.  Even being in competition with Bryant & Folston.

Per 247 he will be eligible to play this year.

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The problem will be with the timing...Isaac will want to be on a campus this fall. I dont think we will know enough about Harris and Weber's decision by then. if Mich takes Isaac, it will likely hurt them with the 2015 kids.


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"I have family stuff with my mom and want to be closer to home," said Isaac, according to Thiry. "I had a good time at USC. Last year's team was something really special ... When you pick a school, you don't foresee a decision like this happening."