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Being a running backs coach of 5 years on the varsity level, this kid is one of the best I have ever seen. I have watched a lot of film and saw some D1 backs, but this guy tops them all. His vision and patience is second to none. You dont really see a lot of backs have that much patience because they want to make the play on their own instead of letting it develop. His combination of speed and size is scary. Also, how about his hands and the way he goes up to get the ball. This is the most complete back I have ever seen on the high school level. I also commend his coach for utilizing all of his skill sets. Splitting him out at WR to get a 1 on 1 match up puts a lot of pressure on the opposing D. This kid does not "dance" either. He makes that one cut and he is gone. 

I have made several posts saying that this kid is better than Dunn, and I dont really think its close. I hope some of you really take your time watching this and realize just how good this kid is and can be. This has got to be priority #1 for next year's class. 


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I don't know how he compares to Dunn and I'm no coach nor did I ever play but, all the things that you mention jumped right out at me. This kid seems so silky smooth in the open field and never seem to be running that fast although clearly he is. His patience and decisiveness in the hole are outstanding!

does he remind anyone one of a young Eddie George? I'll take him!

I know EG played for tsio but he was a great back and I'd take a player compareable to him.


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I spoke to some old guy in A2 that said he's been coaching the UM running backs since 1920, and he said Ty reminds him of a bigger Fitz with better hands and speed. Never heard an analogy like that before so I'm really excited!


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I got less than a minute into that film, and I actually said out loud "WANT." Then I giggled.

My favorite part is that there are like 2 straight minutes of long touchdown runs from the same game.  That poor safety just kept chasing and chasing... Someone is going to have to explain to me how Isaac's team lost that game.

In summary:

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Crazy.  And fascinating.  I've read some people calling it a "spread."  Maybe so.  Doesn't seem so "spread" to me but if anybody has a link on the design of that two-wingback formation, I'd love to see it.

The coaches have taught some very good blocking skills to Isaac's teammates, for sure.  And, as already mentioned, Isaac is helping to make them look good too.


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Joliet Catholic plays in 6A (there are 8 classes, with 8A being the highest in Illinois) for the playoffs.  However, most of of their competition is 7A and 8A schools based on their conference. 

They are known as one of the top HS football programs in IL, year in and year out.  "Rudy" is based on a player from JCA.  Mike Alstott went there.  They have 20+ state championships.


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He's shifty for a big guy, but you don't see any wasted movement.   People may not love this comparison, but he reminds me a little for former OSU standout (and lead singer of the Cure) Robert Smith.


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I only watched the first 5 minutes but seems like absolutely no wasted energy!  This kid reminds me a little of Marcus Allen (just aged myself!) - strong and shifty both.  As much as they run that play with him coming from the left and cutting inside the right tackle though, you'd think SOMEONE could stop it.  Either there is some excellent execution or the kid is just too good.  Sure would look good in blue!


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I can see the Marcus Allen comparison, but the name that came to mind for me was OJ Simpson (minus the homicide).  They both hit the hole at top speed and "gallop" through the hole, using their size and downhill speed to breeze past arm tackles.


Very impressive highlights--it seems like half of those long TD runs he isn't even touched. Poor competition, dominant O-Line, or incredible RB vision? He obviously has the speed. Hope he develops the Wolverine love!


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If he comes to Michigan, it would be very hard to not have him sharing carries with Fitz as a freshman in 2013. He looks solid running the ball with some pretty decent to good speed. With Shane and Dymonte already in the fold for 2013, that can only help our chances with Ty. 


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...does this kid ever get hit? I mean, I appreciate all his runs and scoring, but there aren't many if any plays of him running through tackles or bouncing off of them. I'm extremely impressed, but I'm not sure how to gauge him. He's going to get hit in college no matter what school he plays for; I was hoping to see a bit of him running through tacklers. 


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Seems like every long run comes on that same play where he lines up on the LOS then steps back and takes the snap.  Very effective play for them.

Go git em' coach.


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I play tackle football with my 8 year old and his friends.  Just swat the would be tacklers aside and then turn on the jets just to get it over with. 

what would Bo do

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This kid has a mixture of size and speed that is exceptionally rare.  He also seems incredibly humble in his post game interviews; I like his "Michigan Man" potential.  If he spends his off season in the weight room putting some mass on his lower body, this kid could be scary good (Insert Fred Jackson quote here).


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Incredible field vision and instinct. Combined with that speed this dude will be tearing it up at the next level. If Michigan does not get him I hope someone outside the Big Ten does.

Victor Hale II

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Someone who has more experience with these things, please tell me - should I be giddy over the following:

From 3:35 to 3:39 in the video, he runs a 40 yard dash to the end zone, and it's almost a flat-4 seconds (just from eyeballing and stopping/starting the vid).  Now, I do realize he had a full head of steam when he hit the 40-yard line, but he IS in full pads and carrying the football (securely we hope), so this slow, 30-something simpleton is duly impressed.

I'd like one of these for a belated Christmas or birthday present, please.