Two more football players depart Michigan State program

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Sorry if this has already come up, but I didn't see it anywhere.…


Kenney Lyke and Kaleel Gaines have both left the program, totaling 7 players with eligibility that have left the team since the end of 3-9. It's unclear why Gaines left, but it is reported that Lyke left because he fell a credit short of a semester course load and is likely going to attend Ole Miss either next year, or the following year. (I camped with Lyke before, he's not a dumb guy, just wanna throw that out there before people attack his character)

With the 3 suspended players still up in the air, MSU is looking at possibly losing 10 scholarship football players in an offseason. That is an insane amount of attrition. 



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Just fyi, this is not off-topic.  OT means "something not related to Michigan sports, Big Ten, relevant college athletics, or University of Michigan/Ann Arbor things."

With that said, it is crazy how quickly MSU's program has crumbled. 


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Of note: he posted something to somebody on twitter, they responded in jest, and I told them to be careful not to bully the kid. Not only did WD proceed to block me, he actually DM'd me the waving emoji and told me he's blocking me. XD


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Not WD, although I did look up his twitter account the other day when someone posted about his depression.  Personally, I always appreciated his videos. 


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I've been reading this blog for at leat nine years but finally decided to get an account.  

In 2008, I was the guy who emailed Brian Cook this:"You might this interesting....this morning I typed into google "third holiest site judaism," and the first hit is Zingerman's in Ann Arbor. (I was trying to find more information about Rachel's tomb)

Back then Brian Cook had time to respond to my emails.  


Subject heading from this:


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Not that I don't appreciate all this, but it'll be a shit ton more fun when it's Ohio State *football* and Michigan State *basketball* that turn into slow-burning tire fires as opposed to the current vice versa.  Which, again, is pretty fantastic.


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Was just going to write when does the plague hit the real evil empire which is osu football. From there disgusting fan base, pimp athletic director and evil grinning snake oil salesman this program is ripe for some long awaited balancing of scales. A reckoning is long overdue as the side judge from ohio has the first down spotted two yards ahead of where the QB actually will land long before the play ever happens. When linemans ass is behind line of scrimmage and said QB runs into linemans ass and falls straight to the ground it will always make no difference as it has allready been predetermined and taken care of as that is osu football. As the Jack tatums and throat punching coaches are worshipped I do feel there is more  than a football rivalry involved in how much the whole of osu football is overdue for serious hardship in whatever form.