Two minor recruiting notes

Submitted by Gobluegr on January 2nd, 2012 at 1:46 PM
Joe Bolden has been tearing it up at the Under Armour practice, all of the scouts from all four major recruiting sites have been raving about him today. The highest praise so far was from Scott Kenedy of scout, he tweeted that Bolden is the defensive MVP for his team so far... simplycomplex interviewed Devin Funchess and Devin said this about the possiblity of Aaron Burbridge decommiting from MSU "No Aaron is locked in on his decision. So can you please tell everyone that. Thanks."



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An incredible showing by one of our current recruits in a major camp/game - as well as a firm statement regarding the validity of current rumors that have been going around recruiting sites. It's definitive information, regardless of how "new" it is.

Also, even if it's not a ton of news, gobluegr provides valuable information quite often to this site, and he deserves to be cut a little slack.



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Yeah - read the second part of my post.

I think this is part of a stupid trend in the MgoCommunity where people jump on posters too much and often without a real necessity. Are there occasions where it's merited? Sure. That said, I wish people would exercise the same discretion in their criticisms that they request of posters.


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Thanks for the update as always. I am loving the rave reviews that Bolden is getting. I am glad that he is an EE, as he could find himself on the field relatively quickly.


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Sam Webb has an article up on scout that says the coaches are going for Armani Reeves for the LONE CB spot. I don't know what the article says since i can't read it but i dig it

Jon Benke

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That doesn't make sense, since they were going after Yuri Wright when Anthony Standifier was committed, but as long as we get Reeves, I'll be happy.  I'd like both Reeves & Wright.  You can never have enough talent, especially in the secondary.


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That could be true, but I think people were saying that just on his measurables.  I read a scouting report that he is a big for a corner, but has the fluid hips to be able to play CB at the next level.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter since he wont be coming here now.  It sucks, but I wish him the best wherever he lands.  

Ball Hawk

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I dont surf the web for football news. I come on here to get my news and I didnt know about this news so stfu and dont click on the topic if you already everything about recruiting....jesus christ

Mr. Yost

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Bolden is said to be a MLB recruit, but with Demens there...I wouldn't be surprised if we see him challenging Morgan next year. If not, I think he'll be the backup MLB and that'll be a great role as a true freshman. Demens needs someone to be able to give him a little rest. Fitz and Mike Jones are both decent, but we need to be able to have 6 starting LBs.


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J.B. Fitzgerald is a senior so he is gone after the bowl. I can't remember what Jones is but I agree. Bolden could possibly give Demens a bit of rest if need be. I hope this is the case though because it doesn't seem like there is a clear backup at MLB.