Two big offers go out to 2013 receivers and a note on 2013 OT Laremy Tunsil

Submitted by Gobluegr on January 7th, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Michigan offered 6-3 2013 WR Marquez North out of North Carolina (he is the #63 player in the country according to 247) GoblueWolverine is reporting that Michigan also offered 6-2 2013 WR Robert Foster (early five star on rivals and #1 WR on 247)... I mentioned this in "A Few Minor Recruiting Notes" over at Tremendous, but incase some of you guys missed it, Laremy Tunsil said his top five: Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, and Florida. (From FlaVarsity's twitter) For those who don't know, Laremy is an early five star on Rivals and 247.



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Good article on Foster here.  Seems to like Ohio and ND very early on according to the article, but I also get the impression he wants to be a complete person so academics and support system are important to him.  Says he wants somewhere that feels like home.  Since this is what all our recruits have said about Hoke's Michigan, I think the coaches can impress him and be there at the end.


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has not been on our side much in the past, but it wins games.  In a few years nobody will care ( least of all me ) that perhaps we were lucky at Notre Dame and the Sugar Bowl. There will be no asterisk next to our victory saying we were outgained and did not deserve to win. Certainly in many old OSU games we won the stat battle but lost the game. True luck is a chance occurance. Winners make it happen more frequently in their favor by some intangable  factor that doesn't show in the stats. This team certainly had that factor.  


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This is off the subject but I know you guys will know. What is AD Brandon's email address? I want to ask him to quit screwing around with the FB team's uniforms. Those black, skinny numbers looked like they were drawn on by a first grader. Thanks.