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expands the definition of the word "market" to become almost meaningless.  Every aspect of human life is integrated into the new survivalist paradigm after what remains of humanity flees the solar Matrioshka sphere.  Economic effects will in the end be made obsolete because all citizens will have access to basic needs and there is no inherent need for anyone to actually work in such a world.  Many people do keep working after the singularity, however, for access to better dwellings, social notoriety, and the like.


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The girl who is going to kill someone makes me want to go kill someone.

She's the college football Catcher in the Rye. 




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Brian just had to remind the world about Michigan losing to App State, didn't he.  It seems as though we can't go a month without that stab to the heart.  That said, its probably better not to forget lest history repeat itself (in 2014?  AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!)