TWIS is up: Georgia features

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Not surprisingly Georgia is the feature.  I had flipped to that game just as the ball was snapped on that 4th-and-18.  All I could do was stare at my TV in complete stunned silence.  Then I snapped back to reality and started texting everyone I knew to turn on CBS if they weren't already watching.  Unreal.


Everyone Murders

November 19th, 2013 at 4:24 PM ^

I'm guessing a lot of the older fans seeing that play were thinking of the 1994 (I think) UM-Colorado game where Kordele Stewart threw the ball 60+ yards to Michael Westbrook, and Moeller went with a three-man rush.  It seemed the ball could have been knocked to the turf by the bevy of Michigan defenders covering the flooded side of the field. 

"There are no flags on the field, only despair for the maize & blue" - K. Jackson.

The GA play seems worse (except for it's GA), since there was a plain attempt to pick the ball which - on fourth down - was totally unnecessary.

The FannMan

November 19th, 2013 at 11:22 PM ^

Well, actually, I kind am, so OK.  Fine.

I was there for that specatular moment of suck.  Yeah, it coulda been knocked down.  For that matter, after the tip, someone could have just leveled Westbrook and we wouldn't be having this conversastion.  Or we could have rushed four or five since none of the guys in the endzone did much at all.

I have a cousin who is a Georgia fan.  His team has lost to Clemson, Missouri, Vandy (really?) and had that happen to them.  i think he is having a worse fall than we are.



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Somehow the fans tearing down the goal post slipped my memory. How in the hell did they not realize they just lost?

At the 08 pain that was Toledo there were fans leaving the stadium in masses prior to McGuffie catching a clutch pass to set up an easy FG. The slight roar from the crowd made some of the M walk outs actually thought we tied it up or won until the stadium began fully emptying.

Nothing beats Kentucky though the Georgia defensive coaches spontaneously combusting was awesome.


November 19th, 2013 at 5:05 PM ^

Yes, we had to watch another Northwestern overtime game.

Then we had to watch a Northwestern double overtime game.

Then we had to watch a Northwestern triple overtime game.

I laughed. I have to admit, I sort of felt like this after our experience with Penn State. It would be fair for me to say that very similar thoughts that Northwestern fans were experiencing went through my mind during that game back in October actually. Fortunately, I did not type any of them. 


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South Carolina actually won, because they were playing Florida, and Florida is SEC Michigan, but at one point things looked grim and this child embodied the last three months of my life:


Really? SEC Michigan?