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Submitted by Larry Appleton on October 31st, 2017 at 10:37 AM

My favorite take is from a Penn State fan that would fit right in on this board:

“I am done watching Penn State.

Let’s be real if we don’t get into the CFP which we won’t now. There is no point anymore. You know why no one believes in us? Because we always do this sh**. We look promising and then drop a game. No excuse when we were up by 15. The football god’s gifted us a special team TD and a nice fumble. The refs were decent. Our defense simply let us down. We can never just get it done. The defense blows a 15 point lead. Looked very amateur and Trace over threw it how many times? And the oline sucks. F*** this team F*** all the high hopes because they never get it done. F*** football. No use in getting worked upover a silly f***en game with pampered athletes chasing a ball. That’s what dogs do.”



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Of this guy sitting next to me at the TD Mannigham game I think in 05. He ran his mouth about Justin King the whole entire game about how good the dude was, then when we won he went ape shit saying how he was done and hated everything football related. We all looked at him like dude get a life lol.


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No way in hell Fisher's ass is warm.  Yeah, they've tanked and given up, but they'll be back next year with a vengeance.  If they aren't, then maybe ask Jimbo a few questions for 2019.  If they don't get back by 2020, then light that fire.  But by then, FSU will be right back on top.  He's a good coach, and Floriduh has a boatload of talent to choose from.  They'll be fine...

Larry Appleton

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Because Frost is still an unknown commodity.  He's been a HC at a G5 program for 1.5 seasons.  His team is great this year, but how many G5 coaches have had one breakthrough season only to be hired by a P5 program and flame out spectacularly?  

Kelly has a proven track record of managing a P5 program and taking it to and keeping it at a championship level.  


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Dude, if you're going to make broad, sweeping generalizations as part of a joke, don't apologize for it.  The joke gets lost when you apoligize for it.  Just fucking own it.  You said it twice - and the same question holds true for a guy named 'Jim Bob' - so own it!  It was a good joke...


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I wasn't really apologizing, hence the "..." but point taken.  Will try to be less cute going forward.  Although, if there is any group to be leery of in terms of unwarranted violence / revenge seeking, it is probably the Jimbo's of the world.  Come in right behind the Hatfields and McCoys

Ali G Bomaye

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Buyouts aren't just meant to make it difficult for a school to fire a coach. They're also meant to make it hard for another school to hire away a coach. Coming into this year, Fisher was 78-17 at FSU with a BCS Championship and four other Playoff/NY6 appearances in eight years. He's legitimately one of the best coaches in college football, despite the team falling apart this year.


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Florida St. lost their starting QB we lost ours.  I am not aware of a lot of other injuries to the Seminoles but wow, I thought their defense was supposed to carry their team.


Watching From Afar

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"Derwin James deserves the Jabrill Peppers hype."

He only has 1 career INT so... he's garbage, right? That's what I was told for the last 2 straight seasons. If a LB/S Hybrid only has 1 INT, they suck. A true FS only has 1 so... they're equal? RIght?

Millie's Cookies

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It's the story of three teams:

FSU began the year with playoff expectations. Lost their starting QB. They're garbage. Not that far off from being 1-6.

Michigan began the year with expectations around 9-3 or 8-4. Lost their starting QB. They're scrapping their way toward meeting that expectation.

Georgia began the year with fairly low expectations. Lost their starting QB. Might be ranked #1 at the end of the day.

if you're UM, you'd love to be Georgia. But man, be thankful you aren't FSU.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm still amazed that FSU has just been this bad. They've got a talent level on par with Alabama and OSU. Even though they lost Francois you'd still think they can out-talent most everyone on their schedule save for Alabama, Clemson, and maybe Miami. At some point, probably after the Miami game, I think the team collectively just stopped caring. There's no other way to explain how a hapless, far less talented Boston College team smacked them around 35-3. 

Another amazing thing to think about: it's possible that both FSU and UF miss out on a bowl game this year. Florida still has Mizzou and South Carolina on the road, both losable games, and FSU. If Florida drops all three of them, no bowl game. FSU still has Clemson, which is a guaranteed loss, Syracuse, possibly a loss, and Florida. If FSU drops one more besides Clemson, they're out. 


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"You know why no one believes in us? Because we always do this sh**."

Oh, I can think of a few other reasons why no one believes in Penn State.


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Coaching wish lists from teams who are losing and have fired or may soon fire their coach are pure gold--when its not your team. Somehow everyone thinks they are getting Chip Kelly or Gruden. The best thus far has been Tennessee fans. Somehow the fifth or sixth best program in the SEC is going to get current NFL coaches. LOLOL


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like Joe Moorhead or Matt Campbell. If anyone could solve those offensive problems it’s these guys. Of course, Florida will waste its time with Dan Mullen, who has no desire to return to UF, while those other guys get hired elsewhere.

Perkis-Size Me

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Chip Kelly has got to be numero uno on Florida's list. He's proven that he's an elite collegiate football coach, he would fix Florida's offense, he would recruit a team full of shifty speed demons, and would likely recruit far better to Gainesville than he ever did to Eugene. He'd probably field better defenses too. The brass in Gainesville would have no issue turning full, absolute control over to Kelly. 

Joe Moorhead wouldn't be a bad consolation prize, but he has only two years in big-time college football. He'd be more of a risk, and he'd need to find some assistants with southern recruiting ties. He's a northeast guy and I doubt he has much in the way of high school connections down in Florida. 

Whoever Florida hires, they've got to get it right. All the resources, money and facilities to win now are right there. Dealing with Georgia now will be tough with Smart at the helm, but the SEC as a whole is weak right now. Saban isn't getting any younger, and may only have a few years left in him. Whoever follows him will be a downgrade any way you slice it. You've got to get a guy who can put you back at the top while most of the rest of the conference is down in the gutter.