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"I'm going to watch the Hallmark Channel." - Longhorns fan

With their luck, there  would be a film about a happy-go-lucky person in a small town who gave up 677 yards of offense to a rare condition, and it would be loosely based on a true story. 


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I went to Texas for grad school, so a lot of my Facebook friends are Texas fans. Here are some of the responses I got when I posted a status referring to the game:

"...was just watching from a bar at a conference in New Orleans. Opted to go back to the conference."

"I switched to watching Conan the Barbarian in Spanish."

"I decided to continue watching but start drinking early"


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Some of the scores of when Mack Brown loses to Oklahoma: 63-14, 65-13, 55-17 and now 63-21.  Losing to a rival by scores like that...I don't even want to imagine.  But Texas fans need to remember how crappy their program was the 25 years before Mack showed up.  You don't really want to go back to that, do you?

However, in regards to the ripped up tickets, that's what my ticket stub from "The Horror" looked like before I crumbled the pieces up.

Mmmm Hmmm

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The Colorado section makes me wonder who would prevail in a BBS (Bowl Basement Series), featuring the worst team from every BCS conference.  I would spend otherwise football-free Tuesday and Wednesday nights in January to watch a 6-team tournament...