_________________ tweets that Harbaugh is coming to Michigan thread.

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I have been one of the strong opponents of the CC posts the last couple of weeks, but now that the season is over, and considering how yesterday went, it is very obviously the supreme topic of discussion at this stage.  It's interesting hearing what insiders say, but the bogging down of the front page with tweets from various writers can be a bit tiresome, so here's my proposal:

Any tweets, headlines, etc from various journalists can go here.  If every tweet gets its own post, then that's all we'll see on the front page, and it will cause a great deal of animosity on the board.  Speculation is fun, but also aggravates a lot of posters.



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Haven't seen any actual tweets from this "tweets thread," so here is #1:

"@mikerothstein: 11-5 Michigan run gives Wolverines 47-44 lead"

I was just wondering if this was the third or fourth quarter of the Illinois v. Michigan fball game that he must be talking about


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Please stay off the board until the coaching change please. All this complaining about CC threads is insufferable.


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I think you missed the ENTIRE point.  Coaching change is something worthy of being discussed.  Every time a tweet happens that _____ thinks _______ will probably be the head coach of Michigan, it doesn't need its own thread.  If new information, rather than just some dude's opinion, shows up then by all means give it a thread.  The Casteel thread last week was legit.  Something directly from Brandon is legit.  


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Ah, so you're one of those butthurt "nobody tells me what to do!" people.  Post all you want every time someone tweets that Harbaugh shaved with his blue razor instead of his red one so OMG MICH.  Just know that you will be rubbing people the wrong way and clogging up the front page of the board with something that could just be an addendum to the speculation.  People aren't taking your personal AMURIKUHN right to free speech big guy.  They're getting annoyed by the amount of empty noise with no new information.  The point of this thread is to reduce the empty noise so the stuff with substance doesn't get crushed by the particular soap that Jimmy used to scrub his balls.


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Sorry princess, but YOU are rubbing people the wrong way by asking them not to create threads on topics that YOU don't want to discuss.
<br>Your arrogance is astounding in that you think it's more reasonable for you to tell people to not start threads that don't interest you rather than for you to just not click on those threads.
<br>Pardon my Scandanavian, but you, sir, can fuck off.


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Again, I'm not saying no more CC, since it is the topic right now.  I'm just saying that "reply" can occasionally be substituted for "post new topic."  I apologize for all the hurt I have caused by telling you what to do.  I'll ask your permission next time I offer a suggestion about clogging up the boards (darling?).


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He IS invited to take part in the discussion, as a poster on this very public forum.  One would think he would choose not to, however, if he doesn't want to hear about it anymore.  

Which is reasonable, given the dearth of meaningful info.


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The only thing I find insufferable is the fact that your posts basically tell anyone who doesn't agree with you to STFU.  Sorry, Artie, but other people have opinions and they are just as "important" as yours are. 

And, for the record, I wish CC had its own little catagory between "recent" and "new" on the mgoboard gadget on the right.  That way, those who want to post minor variations of the same shit over and over again could do it in their own little world without subjecting others to it.


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I don't mind the complaining about the cc posts. The complaining about the complaining about the cc posts is making me crazy though.

People who were under 5 years of age when Harbaugh was a freshman at Michigan telling me about Harbaugh are beginning to irritate me as well.


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Breaking news, if you can read this. My inside source told me RR is having a meeting with DB monday at 3:30pm. He will be told thank you for your three years but you are fired. JH will be announced as U of M new head coach, right after his bowl game. JH is going to tell his players tonight, so look for tweets and breaking news to follow.


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SI's Peter King reports that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will choose between the 49ers and the University of Michigan for his next job.

It appears Oakland and Carolina can forget about the hottest coaching candidate in college and pro football. King mentioned Jeff Fisher as a fall-back plan in San Francisco should new GM Trent Baalke not be able to keep Harbaugh from his alma mater. The Wolverines haven't fired Rich Rodriguez, although there's no question they would if they knew they could land Harbaugh.


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Generally respect Peter King and his ability to get good information in these situations.  His predictions on team records and game outcomes can be a bit dicey.  Did he have anything to say about Denver and their possible pull with the Elway connection?

Undefeated dre…

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Just said Michigan's in the lead for Harbaugh (vs. Broncos and 49ers), and also mentioned that he might get paid more (?) at U-M than at either NFL position? Did he mis-speak, or I mis-hear?


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I hope that you are right but it has a Les Miles type of feel to it. I am also in Georgia right now too. 


Have a good one...


Would love to have Harbaugh but Dave Brandon will make the right choice.





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should be no more posts. I have seen about as many posts saying please god no more posts as I have seen actual posts lately. Also, what is up with this guys post "tweet s that JH is coming to Michigan" this makes you want to open it and see the tweet from JH that says he is coming, no?  The more these guys talk about not talking about it, the more there is talk about it, which is what they are complaining about.


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This time they are perpetuating a rumor that Jerry Jones wants Harbaugh...

...another rumor is beginning to surface that the Cowboys are actually interested in Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach, and will compete with the Denver Broncos in an attempt to bring Harbaugh to Dallas.


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So...if the 49ers are our biggest competition...This little tidbit might be of interest:


Heard a month ago, and havent mentioned, Harbaugh has personal aversion to Jed York. Source: Former high ranking NFL front office guy. FWIW.
Jed York = 49ers president


January 2nd, 2011 at 10:06 PM ^

Justin_or_Caleb Dear Jim Harbaugh, Stanford isn't as supportive as your alma mater, Michigan. So please, come an relieve Rich Rod from his coaching. ~Justin

This guy, well teen, tweeted about Jim Harbaugh and Michigan...


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lol i love how this was an official "CC news from twitter" thread and out of 60 some odd replies, this is the only one to actually have a tweet on it.

The signal to noise ratio is terrible right now.  Lots of people stating their opinions...  is there anything resembling actual news yet?


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haha right, I figured I was just being a smart ass posting it... I just searched Jim Harbaugh on Twitter and saw this nugget, seriously the tweeter is like 15 years old it looks like. I was going to post all kinds of tweets about it just to take up space, since its supposed to be a twitter CC thread.

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If there is going to be no NFL season next year, then why would Harbaugh go NFL?  Also, on ego related matters, why would he prefer the NFL when he would have to give up a lot of control (personnel matters, player selection, etc)?  I get that it is a bigger stage, but just curious about thoughts on the other two questions.