Twas the Night before the Game....

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on November 25th, 2016 at 10:10 PM
There comes a time in a man's life when he's got to look in the mirror and ask " I really built for this sh**?" Every young man on our team is going to face a mirror tonight. The truth lies in their privacy but it will be revealed to the world tommorrow. Are we "Hype"...or Are we MICHIGAN? Those Seniors DIDN'T come back to let this moment of their lifetime pass by. We DON'T pay this staff this King's ransom to NOT put on this coaching clinic. We do NOT recruit the best players in the world to send them into the shoe scared. WE ARE MICHIGAN. Nobody has won more....or looked better doing it. Momentum has to be's not granted. There is no better place to do what we are about to do tommorrow than Columbus, OH. It has to happen there. We need this to be M v The World. This is our moment and it's been 10 years in the making. We will win this football game. The media....the pundits....Herbstreit and the rest of the Buckeyes can think what they wish. Let those who support the Maize and Blue brim with confidence because we are sending a TEAM of men into the horseshoe tommorrow....and they "ain't leaving without a victory." It's going to be a beautiful exorcism. Kill all of the negativity and naysaying. When you look at these two teams. One is better and has been all year. That team is and will tommorrow again be....MICHIGAN. #GoBlue



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Guys, I've talked a whole lot of shit this season after saving up shit talking points over the previous eight years. Emotionally I will not be able to handle a loss tomorrow. M go Blue, beat Ohio State.


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This team either wins or loses the most important football game of their lives. Win or lose - home field advantage, crowd noise, weather, bad food, pain -- nothing else matters. We win or we lose. Stand and be counted.

East German Judge

November 25th, 2016 at 10:48 PM ^

I will be singing this version of THEEE ohio's fight song....

Liquidate Ohio State 
(Sung to the tune of the OSU Fight Song) 
Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue.  They breed a lot of cattle in Columbus, It looks just like a zoo. 
Knock them off their ivory towers, Send them crawling into the showers, 
Down with Ohio State, It’s a know-nothing party school! 
They say the girls who go to O.S.U., Are husband hunting dames, 
They dig the jocks who got the killer instinct, Not the boys with brains. 
At Columbus you’re way ahead, With straight A’s in Physical Ed, 
Down with Ohio State, It’s a know-nothing party school. 
Bust your guts for Urbiel! Move your butts for Urbiel! 
Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue, They breed a lot of cattle in Columbus, It looks just like a zoo. Rah! Rah! Rah! 
Knock them off their ivory towers, Send them crawling into the showers, 
Down with Ohio State, It’s a know-nothing party schoooooooooool! 
by Dick Purtan 


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Didn't even go on the gravewalk from what I've heard. This is a guy who bought a house a couple down from Bo's...because.

The concentration on this game by the coaching staff has no doubt been intense. Win or lose, they'll have given it their utmost.

I like our chances tomorrow. Think victory. Go Blue!

Winchester Wolverine

November 25th, 2016 at 10:53 PM ^

No more excuses. No more waiting till next year. No more pity. No more being on the receiving end of the bullshit. No more. Fuck Ohio.

So much of what I hold dear hangs in the balance of a game that I can't play in. My unhealthy obsession was conceived by the moments in history that will mimic the moments tomorrow. When I take a step outside my box I see how ridiculous this is. I see the thousands of dollars I've spent on games, gear, and memorabilia. I see that there are more important things in life, things I have control over.

But you know what? Fuck steping out of the box. That box is my sanctuary every Saturday in the fall. Life imitates football much like the way of art. I witness art every Saturday, on the 120 yard gridiron, surrounded by ravenous fans, vivid colors, and rich traditions. As I practice my form of escapism tomorrow, it will surely transcend into my life outside the box. It always does.

I can't wait to watch our brothers in Maize & Blue go to war for 60 minutes tomorrow. This is their time. This is our time. Go Blue.