TTB interview with Jabrill Peppers

Submitted by Magnus on April 12th, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Mike, a new contributor at TTB, scored a recent interview with Paramus (NJ) Catholic cornerback Jabrill Peppers.  He talks about his training, his visit to Michigan last weekend, and the coaches' plans for him if he does indeed pick Michigan.



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Here's my plan for Peppers if he comes to Michigan - have him spend as much time on the bench as Kobe.  I don't even care what positions he's playing, have him on the field.


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Interesting question - if you had to pick one, do you take Hand or Peppers?  I understand this is like choosing between a Porsche and a Ferrari, but that's what makes it awesome.  

For me, I think it would come down to our other options at each spot.  But with Ojemudia and Taco (and a very possible Lawrence Marshall) I think i's lean toward Peppers.


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We've been spoiled with some great corners here at Michigan the past 20 or so years, but I feel like a shutdown one is harder to find than a good DE. It's a catch 22 - an elite pass rusher can make your corners look alot better, but a shutdown corner can make your pass rush look alot better. However, I'm with you because I am not worried one bit about our DL as long as Hoke and Mattison are here. Not that I'm worried about the secondary.


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Normally I would pick the lineman, because games are won in the trenches.  But I think there are enough other good players or prospects with interest in Michigan for me to take Peppers over Hand.  I would also rank Adoree' Jackson right up there, who has a chance to be a DeSean Jackson-like player on defense.


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He's definitely got some lofty goals set for himself but I love that. Seems very motivated. Hopefully we can bring him in.  Would be huge.  Glad to see his view changed from what he originally thought.  I remember he had some concerns heading in.  Glad that it went so well.  Great write up!


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How exciting is it that all of the sudden meeting the basketball coach and team is a highlight of a visit and something that can have a profound impact. Talk about a nice bonus.


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I would agree with that - there was actually a thread many moons ago which talked about the potential payoff of being competitive in both football and basketball and how one could help the other in this regard potentially, so it is great to see that it actually might be happening to a certain extent.

I enjoyed his answer to the very first question about how he was preparing for his senior season: “To be even better, to be bigger, smarter, faster, and make it real tough for everyone in the country.”

As other have said, he's clearly not lacking in confidence here, but I like that he seems to strive to be even better each game / practice / season / etc...and seems very self-motivated. A five-star defensive back recruit who strives to be better and is interested in your school? I like how that sounds.

the Glove

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I want um. I love the fact that he realizes that pure talent and speed are going to be matched in college, so it comes down to technique. smart kid


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I really like his answers. The other day some people were having character concerns about him, but how can you be all that concerned when the biggest thing he wants to work on is fundamentals? I loved that he said the speed element isn't going to be as big of a difference in college but fundamentals would set him apart.