True freshman walk-on QB Zack Annexstad to start for Minnesota

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This will make Annexstad only the second true freshman walk-on QB to start an opener for a P5 program, after Baker Mayfield at TTU.

Annexstad went to IMG Academy last year and ended up beating out current Rutgers QB (and potential starter) true freshman Artur Sitkowski leading IMG to an undefeated season. Annexstad is originally from Minnesota and had offers from programs like Cinci and Pitt out of HS. He decided to walk-on at Minnesota because he's from the state, his brother is on the team, multiple of his IMG teammates go to Minnesota and he was very comfortable with Fleck.



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Technically this means he's not a walk-on anymore. They're going to have to use a scholarship on him, per NCAA rules. But from a fan perspective a guy who intended to walk on counts as such because the guy still committed without a promise of a scholarship, and had to follow the NCAA's rules that prevent teams from oversigning then retaining captured players without scholarships.

I'm sure Minnesota has a scholarship available for a quarterback after the mass exodus they suffered.

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This works for his recruiting class, but he will most likely be offered a scholarship this year if he really will be the starter. This is assuming they have space, but most teams end up with a few spots at the beginning of the season and fill up the 85 to the most deserving walk-ons (e.g. Jordan Kovacs and the Glasgows).

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Nobody would've predicted Mayfield to turn into a heisman winner, but at the time Texas Tech had some damn good QB's (in their eyes) in front of him with Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes, both in the NFL. I'd definitely take Mayfield over them in college, but it's not like they were worried at the time, hindsight and all that.

QB was far from their problem, that horrid defense was the issue.

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Great story and best wishes to him.

God has given him a double-blessing: starting, walk-on QB and he does not have play against Devin Bush, Rashan Gary, Khaleke Hudson, and Chase Winovich this season (or likely ever).  So maybe that's a quintuple blessing.


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Ok so sounds like this kid is a legit player. Started for IMG and had MAC and low level ACC and B1G offers (Illinois offered). I'm sure he'll be awful this year and it certainly doesn't speak well to their current QBs, but good for him and he may be a solid player down the road.


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Zach seems to have walked on because his dad played for Minnesota and his older brother currently does. IMO he's a walk-on only in that he pays for school. He early enrolled after attending IMG and turned down other scholarship offers. His story is similar to the player who chose to walk on at NW in the class of 2017 rather than a scholarship at MSU. Annexstad beat out Tanner Morgan for the job who is a redshirt freshman and Minnesota's only scholarship qb on the team.


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Am rooting for this kid, if he passed on scholarships to Cinci or Pitt, to play at home..he will eventually get a scholarship if he starts the entire year.


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He kind of already did receive a scholarship. His older brother, who was also a walk-on, was given a scholarship just a couple days ago. I don't expect the elder Annexstad to see any meaningful snaps this year.

So Zach may not be receiving the full benefit of being on scholarship this year, but it all balances the same in the family checkbook.