September 29th, 2009 at 7:23 AM ^

he's played mostly outside in high school. mike is what the recruiting sites have given him for classification. not sure where he ends up, but i wouldnt dismiss it impacting recruiting at the other LB positions. if michigan was really high on this guy, i would have to think they would've pushed for a visit by now.


September 29th, 2009 at 9:34 AM ^

I would rather see Furman and Olaniyan. They seem to be much higher rated than Gloster. However. I wouldn't want to see a possible replacement for Ezeh turned down. The other two are (hopefully) significant upgrades over what's already there. Except maybe Brown.


September 29th, 2009 at 10:35 AM ^

We'll probably be able to sign a full class of 25 this year. I think the coaches are planning on taking at least that many, from what I've gathered.

We currently have 19 commits. I think we have room for a guy like Gloster if he's the only MIKE-type player on our radar.

I've also said from the beginning that I don't think all five WRs will stay committed to Michigan throughout the entire process, so maybe another scholarship or two will open up.


September 29th, 2009 at 11:41 AM ^

I don't have any inside info on anyone looking elsewhere. I just have a hard time believing that our first four or five commitments would all come from wide receivers and all of them would remain committed for the entire process.

If I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd say DJ Williamson. I just don't think that kid is a Michigan-caliber player, unfortunately. I think the coaches might start forgetting to call him...