Troubled Former Michigan WR Ahmir Mitchell Lands at a Community College

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Ahmir Mitchell's college football career began at Michigan. Mitchell was the 161st overall high school prospect in the 2015 class.


Watching his highlight video you can see why Jim Harbaugh wanted him. He has a will to stay on his feet, and continue making positive yards. And it looks like he can just play.

His hudl highlights:

He signed with Michigan on Jim Harbaugh's "Signing of the Stars" day on February 3, 2016.



Short presser with Ahmir Mitchell upon his arrival at U of M:

1:49 video:

Ahmir Mitchell was only with Michigan a short time before he was suspended. Here is the video of Jim Harbaugh talking about Ahmir Mitchell, and another suspended player, after both did not appear in the team picture. (Many will remember the team picture that did not have three freshmen in it, Kareem Walker being the third.) It's the "we'll handle that internally" press conference, where Jim Harbaugh walked off:

33 second video:

The reason for the suspension was "unknown".


Mitchell decided to leave Michigan. On his twitter he said:

...what is best for me and my family comes first. Therefore, I will like to announce that I am hereby reopening my recruitment....



Mitchell took up with Rutgers in his home State of New Jersey:

...I find it best for me along with my family to go back home.


The following April, in a practice at Rutgers, Mitchell tore an ACL. He had been listed as a starter for Spring practice before the injury. In the best case scenario it had been hoped he would be back by the end of September. That did not happen. And before Mitchell ever did return he was dismissed from the team for "violating team rules".



After his dismissal from Rutgers it had been reported that he was transferring to Arizona Western College, a JUCO (junior college) in Yuma, Arizona.

He tweeted about it. But the tweet on his personal account was deleted. A tweet about it still remains on the JUCO Football Frenzy twitter:


Now, on Saturday, July 21, the Fort Scott Community College, of Fort Scott, Kansas, says he will be playing there: 



It's sad to say, but it looks like the last 2 1/2 years of his life have been a slow moving train wreck, a cautionary tale that character matters.


My heart goes out to him. And I pray for him.





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Sounds like a guy who wasn’t much in to the academics and character portion of college. Not sure why hearts and prayers need to go out to him.   Many non-athlete kids wash out of college early for the precise same reasons - do your hearts and prayers go out to them in mgoblog posts as well?   It seems we hold guys who have a particular skill level up in society over the less coordinated among us.   That’s just wrong.


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These r just kids you know, how many stupid things did u do as a 18-20 year old kid? A lot of these kids that struggle to get thru college because they either do drugs or break laws didn’t get the proper guidance probably starting at 10-14 years old from their just be thankful if u have a good family and good home life...that’s why the post says hearts and prayers is hopefully the kid can get his life together it’s not all about football 


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There is a weird thing on MGoBlog and probably all sports and life, where you wish ill on those who leave you.  You might call it shadenfruede or perhaps passive agressively "Those who stay will be champions!"   I take part in it, but it isn't healthy or positive as these are just kids/young men.   I had friends who had to leave Michigan because of mental health and/or drug problems and they eventually turned out fine.   I hope Amir finds his way even if it isn't in the NFL or starring in college football.


Year of Revenge II

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Thus far, so much wasted potential. 

It's a shame for the kid, who will one day realize what he had the chance to use, to become.  I hope he pulls himself together before he runs out of chances, as we are given only so much time, and so so many chances


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SkyPanther provides a helpful summary of Amir's football career. Then ...

It's sad to say, but it looks like the last 2 1/2 years of his life have been a slow moving train wreck, a cautionary tale that character matters.

My heart goes out to him. And I pray for him.

Sadness, prayers, judgment ... why not just stick to the information and avoid judgment?


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Take some accountability.  You impact your life more than anyone else.  Turn it around.  Let all these dismissals be lessons to set you on a path towards any success in life.  Use football to get a degree.  Work hard and keep your nose clean.


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This is a very good spot to drop a few lines on this issue too. MSU football will have to fight off another scandal soon. Reporters have their hands on some concrete evidence and it will be dropping before the season starts. This isn't a new development, just one from the recent past that will be coming to the forefront.


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You provide us with some awesome news updates and nuggets of goodness throughout the year.  But, boy oh boy, you can be a cold-hearted bitch at times!!  Can you please give us just a little more than "...another scandal soon."?  I mean, c'mon, man!!!

Pretty please?


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I actually saw a post (within a random thread) over at tRCMB that this involves a past incident where MSU football player(s) physically assaulted a MSU WBB player and it was hushed/covered up by MSU coaches.  (No clarification re: the type of assault.)

I am pretty sure this was one of the myriad of incidents that was mentioned in the ESPN piece on MSU, but the word is that now they have “proof”.

Arb lover

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I live next to one of their staff and can confirm at least they are worried about something, and that they are extra worried because right before this issue (which he won't go into with me knowing I'm a um grad), MSU leadership put out a zero tolerance internal policy for any shinanegans due the current spotlight.

I would not have mentioned this but for umb1g's comment.