Trouble for OSU football?

Submitted by Streetchemist on September 12th, 2014 at 3:11 PM
BuckeyeEmpire @BuckeyeEmpire Follow Hearing we may be getting some rough news about a fan favorite. Not naming names, just prepare your disappointed emojis. 12:35 PM - 12 Sep 2014 Spence is a name being thrown around. Others may be involved as well



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From random poster on osu247 site.

Heard this yesterday but didn't want to post anything. His parents were in town to have a lengthy meeting with Urban and Gene Smith. As far as what I was told, his Ohio State career is more than likely over.


Then a mod posted this:

Steve H. first heard something last night as did Duane about Spence but we have been working to verify things to see what is true and what is BS. Right now all we have is that there certainly seems to be something in terms of disciplinary/violation of team rules.

We want to report FACTS though and not BS so please bare with us as we try to get this one right and not first. I'm sure other sites are doing the same and the story should come one way or another.

I guess right now the thing to know is that there seems to be something and that it's not complete BS. Not sure it's a season-ending deal or maybe just a couple games or nothing at all but we shall see soon enough.


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I won't rule it out, but many of us would be less than surprised that a violation of team rules ends with him missing a few games and is back playing?  If its more serious, then yeah okay, possibly over.  But I'm with everyone else to sit by and watch what happens. 


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To be fair, of course, we do occasionally throw the odd black tie dinner around here as well, but the problem that we've found is that often people will show up in a black tie and nothing else....well, wingtips as well on occasion. All very tasteful, of course. It's just another thing that separates us from other blogs, right?


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So, a tweet from god knows who, with no named reliable source, and that contains very little info as to the who (besides assumptions), the what, and the why.  While this could end up getting interesting, until there's something more solid, lest we want to turn this into baseless rumors, this thread needs to...


Edit: LSA's elaborating comment just made it a little more interesting.  By the power invested in me by absolutely no one...


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I have little knowledge of Buckeye Empire, but from a brief poking about, it is unremarkable as fan blogs go. In any case, there is a lot of chatter on Twitter - so take it for what you will - that Noah Spence might have failed a subsequent drug test after serving a suspension, at least that is what it sounds like right now. 

Avon Barksdale

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Of course they have trouble coming: it's called the goddamn Michigan Wolverines coming to town on 11/29/2014! We. Will. Smoke. The. Buckeyes. I. Repeat. We. Will. Smoke. The. Buckeyes!


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so easy to cheat that it's a wonder anyone ever fails these things.  

Let me guess, the subsequent tests when you come back from being suspended are much harder to cheat than the in season ones.  

As is bowl testing, where he actually got caught.