Trophy case built in locker room for Paul & Jug

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Harbaugh had this built in the offseason.

It's in the Schembechler Hall locker room.


Far cry from how we used to treat it.

The following year in 1954, the trophy was left on the field for half an hour after Michigan defeated the Spartans 33–7. "We'll find a place for the trophy," Crisler told The Michigan Daily after game. The Paul Bunyan Trophy was stored in the Michigan Stadium locker room in one of the equipment closets.
Despite winning in 1954 and 1955, Michigan did not engrave their scores onto the neglected trophy. When the Spartans won in 1956, they engraved the Wolverine victories onto the trophy.
The 1958 game was a 12–12 tie. The favored Spartans were so embarrassed that they didn't win, they originally refused to keep the trophy while Michigan refused to take the trophy. Michigan State eventually relented and kept the trophy.



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Of the validity of this statement about never parading Paul around, but I recall a couple of players (Jabrill? and...?) saying they wanted to parade it around for the visiting fans. Sadly for them, it was delivered in the locker room. I have no issue with taking pride in a trophy, and that includes parading Paul around to be enjoyed by fans that aren't Axe-doused heathens.

Wolverine Devotee

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Wolverine Devotee

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No official confirmation if it's never been paraded by us, by I highly doubt it and have a lot of evidence to think that.

We were disgusted with the idea of the trophy from the very beginning. University President Harlan Hatcher hated it and we wouldn't have accepted the trophy if we had won the game in 1953.

Bo (as shown above) didn't care about it in 1978. I have video of every win over them from 1979 and onward and I have not seen it once in any of them. 

The trophy was a fabrication. Reading Freep articles from the 50s, a lot people criticized it as a cheap vote-getting attempt by Gov. G. Mennen Williams (U-M grad). 

In fact, the official name of the trophy is the Paul Bunyan -- Governor of Michigan Trophy.


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If Michigan ever paraded the trophy on the field, it would've only ever happened in 2012.  Jon Falk stated that in 2008, MSU requested to have it brought on the field, so they could shove it in everyone's face in Ann Arbor.  (Last sentence mine, not Falk's.)  Up til then, according to him, it had always been a locker room thing no matter who won.  And there's no way Falk would've messed with tradition at any point prior to that.


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It's always been a lockerroom thing with Michigan, as opposed to the Little Brown Jug, which DOES get paraded on the field by the team captains. 

Bo went 17-4 against MSU during his 21 years.  I've never seen a single photo or video clip of him or any of his players holding Paul Bunyan.  With Lloyd, who was 10-3 against MSU (with 2 of those 3 losses being screw jobs) likewise, there isn't any footage I know of him holding the tophy.  There was a couple behind the scenes shots on Michigan Replay in the lockerroom but that' it.  Whenever Lloyd was asked about the trophy, the only thing he ever said was that it's the ugliest in college football. 

MSU does parade the trophy on the field like it's the Super Bowl.  And this is not just a Dantonio thing.  I remember the shots of Jeff Smoker holding it up in the student end zone during the Spartan Savings Time game in 2001. 


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and glad Harbaugh did that. Those trophies have a lot of history and they should have a special place in Schembechler and they should never leave except to be carried around after a victory by Michigan players.


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I'd like to say we are giving this "rivalry" too much respek and it's time to start treating MSU like the stepping stone in the season that they have historically been.

On the other hand, since Paul we'll be spending so much time in Ann Arbor in the years coming, he might as well be treated with comfy lodging.


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I take it you're not from Michigan. Those of us who have friends and relatives who went to MSU have always seen it as a rivalry - even when Michigan was winning 13 out of 15 games from 1969 to 1983. Bo lost to MSU his first year and got an earful about the importance of the game.


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There really should be only one trophy game in college football; the Little Brown Jug. It has a fantastic backstory and it was part of an actual Michigan/Minnesota game that took place over 100 years ago.

The endless copycat trophy games that followed were and remain a joke. All these schools took fairy tales or random objects and animals and manufactured them into a trophy and said, "we're going to play for this every year." For GOD's sake, OSU and Illinois play for a turtle.

Most likely a very unpopular opinion but I say do away with the rest of them. Victory over MSU is joyful and satisfaction enough.


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opinion agreeable and correct, for UM anyways. 

Other schools can play for their weird trophies.  Though most are stupid, a few have history like the LBJ.  Other "good one" include:

Commander-in-Chief (AF-Army-Navy)

Golden Egg (Ole Miss - Miss St)

Iron Skillet (TCU - SMU)

Old Oaken Bucket (IU - Purdue)

Stanford Axe (CAL - Stanfurd)

Victory Bell (Miami [NNTM] - Cincinatti)



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I took the Mrs out to breakfast yesterday and sat right next to one of the gentlemen who built that. I tried not to listen to the conversation he was having, but couldn't help it. Apparently, he had to fix two lights on it Friday. Also, he was told "make sure it's perfect, because Paul's coming home."


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Of course, I was in such a great mood, everything and everyone seemed awesome to me. So, in what little I heard him say, he seemed like a nice guy. Didn't know much about sports, as it sounded like his buddy was trying to explain to him what point spreads were at one point. He definitely seemed rightfully proud of his work and thought it was cool. Or, at least, knew that there are some people who would think it's cool. Probably how I'd feel if I met a non-football celebrity.

When we left, I really wanted to thank him for his work, but knew I'd come off as sounding a little creepy so I didn't.


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It's good to know the trophies are in front of the players every day so they are reminded that there's something that is supposed to be in there. They earned it, and they can also be responsible for it not being there.