Triple Schadenfreude

Submitted by Engin77 on September 14th, 2009 at 12:54 PM

So, the last time Michigan won while OSU and MSU lost and officials deprived ND of victory, appears to be October 2, 2004:

Michigan over Indiana 35-14, Marquis Walker blocked a punt IIRC. -NOT! see below.

Purdue beat ND, 41-16, first Boiler win in South Bend in 30 years.

Iowa beat MSU, 38-16, on their way to 5-7

Northwestern beat OSU, 33-27, just before Tressel located Troy Smith on the depth chart.

Good results all, but not as thrilling as M over ND, CMU over MSU and USC over OSU, with all the winning scores coming within the final 1:05. What a day Sept. 12, 2009 was! Bob Ufer and Bo must have had a great time watching all that; I know I did.

Edit: Walker's blocked punt and 25 yd run for TD came in 2000; Chad henne threw for 3 TDs in the 2004 game at Indiana.


Brother Mouzone

September 14th, 2009 at 1:06 PM ^

The only "Triple Schadenfreude" I am interested in won't be complete until We beat Sparty and the Bucks.

Collected message board meltdown material from Notre Dame. Hope to add from the other two and have a nice reading collection for the summer.


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"Michigan Football is a religion, and Saturday is the Holy Day of Obligation". - Bob Ufer

The horn was added after I left Ann Arbor, but I've heard it on the CDs. Internet radio came 25 years too late; alums all across the world would have paid to hear Ufer's call of Michigan games.

The King of Belch

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I used to listen to Vinny Doyle on (the other popular AM station besides WJR long ago) and one day Parade or something in the Detroit [inexpensive] Press profiled Bob Ufer, who was then calling games on WUOM. After reading that article, I decided to give him a listen and I never before, nor since Ufer's days in the booth ended, have enjoyed and LOL'D with a broadcaster that much in my entire whole life.

The move to WJR made life easier (pre-cable. UM was on TV about 3 times per year back then), because to listen to old WUOM, you had to have a nuclear powered radio, climb an electrical tower and point the antenna in the direction of Ann Arbor to get a signal that enabled you to almost make out every third word.

He was a joy, one of the old Super Homer broadcasters who were genuine, invented ALL the original lines, gimmicks, and brought it together with infinite knowledge and historical context that was mezmerizing. I actually taped Ufer broadcasts and listened to them during the week when I should have been doing homework after sleeping though all my classes in jr high and high school.

On top of it all, Ufer still maintained a healthy amount of objectivity, respect, and knowledge of the opposing team that only added to his greatness.

Those of us who listened to him surely will never forget him. And we can't do justice to him, either.


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I could be wrong, but I believe the last "triple schadenfreude event" prior to 2004 was during the Reagan Administration: October 5, 1985, all road games for UM's rivals:

Ohio State 28, at Illinois 31
Michigan State 31, at Iowa 35
Notre Dame 15, at Air Force 21
at Michigan 33, Wisconsin 6

WolverineHistorian has that 1985 Michigan Wisconsin game posted.


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the bowl season following the 1997 season saw:

Washington over MSU 51-23 in the Aloha Bowl

LSU over ND, 29-9, in the Independence Bowl (smirk)

Florida State over OSU, 31-14, in the Sugar Bowl

Michigan over Washington St, 21-16, in the Grandaddy of them all.

Asterisk because this did not all occur on the same day.


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The three rivals lose at home and M wins on the road:

Illinois over OSU, 31-20

Iowa over MSU, 12-7

Stanford over ND, 36-31

Michigan over Wisconsin, 41-3


September 14th, 2009 at 5:38 PM ^

Michigan over visiting ND, 24-23,

MSU lost at Arizona St, 20-17

OSU lost at Washington, 40-7

BTW, the 1986 M-ND game was replayed on BTN last week.