A trip every Big Ten fan should make

Submitted by RationalMSUfan on October 31st, 2011 at 11:48 AM

And you thought I only posted after MSU wins.........


In any event, I just got back from Lincoln, Nebraska.   Obviously, the result of the game was disspointing, but what an experience.

From the time we arrived on Friday until the time we left, I was greeted about 7,236 times with "Welcome to Lincoln" and I didn't recieve a single taunt BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER the game.  The Husker fans were the epitome of what a Big Ten host school should be.  I think Husker Football is similar to the Green Bay Packers in that for the most part it is "the only game in town". As such, the residents treat it like their baby and they want everyone else to love it.

Their stadium was great and will look even nicer when they finish their mirror tower on the other side of the field.  Their fans (young and old) stand up and cheer the entire game.   Not sure if they do this everygame, but they realeased about 50,000 balloons into the air after their first score.  Their intro/hype videos are great as they follow the team during their "tunnel walk" from the lockerroom onto the field.

They also play a 5 second highlight clip of each notable Husker currently in the NFL and how they did in the NFL the previous Sunday.  One quick note...don't bite my head off, but I did crack a rye grin when they showed Suh's highlights.  They chose to show a clip of Suh ripping Matt Ryan's facemask off and the place went nuts. Obviously, they love Suh, but given the Gholston saga, I did have to laugh a bit at the irony.  Speaking of which, Gholston's performance got lost amongst the egg our offense laid, but he had 15 tackles and a sack. Pretty amazing tackle total for a DEnd.  In that regard, I think our defense held up pretty well given that they were on the field for 55 minutes of a 60 minute game!!!!  The offense.......not so much.

In any event, if you can make it, I really reccomend making the trek to Lincoln for a UM game. You won't regret it despite the LOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive.



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I can't wait until Sparty fans all say "Welcome to East Lansing" and refrain from vandalizing cars, picking fights, or throwing beverages on Michigan fans.  It might even spread to Columbus.  Believe it or not, Ann Arbor fans are very, very classy to fanbases who act civilly.  That, unfortunately, does NOT include Sparty or Brutus.  


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I was across from Revilli Hall and there were a few Purdue fans there.  Everyone was telling them "Welcome".  I explained the tradition of the Drum Line and Inspection before the "March to the Big House".

They asked me, "What are they saying?"

I replied with pride, "They are saying, 'Its Great, to be, a Michigan Wolverine.'"

They thought it was a cool tradition, little did they know.



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It's an obsession here. There is nothing else here to share the headlines with Nebraska like the way Michigan has MSU, the MAC schools, Pro sports teams. It gets annoying but that's how it is. The Alamo bowl with the crazy ending was one of the worst days ever. That said the people here are the nicest you will find.

Feat of Clay

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As I former Nebraskan I confess I got choked up reading this.

Nebraska fans are crazy loyal and certainly rabid at times, but they are decent people and generally good sports.  Maybe that comes from losing all those bowl games, har. 

Seriously, though, I've heard such nice stuff (from people at home, and via the Nebraska press) since they joined the Big Ten.  They've been genuinely happy to join the conference (even when it looked like their schedule was going to be brutal), excited to host teams in Lincoln, eager to travel to away games, etc..  It's been a wonderful reminder of what good people Nebraskans are.

This, however, does not change my stance on that abomination of a sous-mascot Li'l Red.


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After reading all this, I now have a second favorite team in the Big 10....although they are still going to be miles behind my #1 fave.


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So, I'm neither a grammar nor spelling Nazi. However, I do have a question regarding the "rye grin." Was this a legitimate spelling mistake, or was it a "wry" way to point out the arrogance of Michigan fans regarding posts and spelling by a Spartan. In other words, by spelling "wry" as "rye," you could bring all the Michigan spelling nerds and Nazi's out of the woodwork, and be amused at the petty superiority displayed by the poster police.


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I've always really enjoyed Nebraska and its fans.

Great addition to the B1G. Now if only the M, OSU and MSU fans could show each other that kind of respect...


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My dad is a big Nebraska fan, it sucks being in grad school but I'm hoping we can make the drive from Colorado to Lincoln for the game next fall. Hopefully I wont have an exam that Monday.

Sir Guy

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Lincoln is a great city, with great fans, and a rocking stadium.  A quality program to add to the B1G.  

As to show my unbiasedness, I wore a Detroit Lions Suh jersey.  I was surprised to see at least two other Detroit Lions Suh jerseys.  SUUUUUUUHHHHH.
(I still cheered for Nebraska, from the Student Section!)


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checking out AA this year and East Lansing next.

You're a good sport, the Spartans played hard, brought the best out of the Huskers. Gonna be a tight race rest of the year.

UM fans: expecting a fantastic game at your place.



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NU is traditional for us, as our fight song refers to  "Dear old Nebraska U".

The UNL thing happened more recently when the University of Nebraska system was formed with the merger of Omaha University and Nebraska State Normal School at Kearney.

The iconic "N" on our helmets originally had "NU" in the early Devaney days, but the equipment managers ran out of decals and changed them to "N" Never was a "UNL" helmet.


Like I said, UNL and NU are both fine with Nebraskans, most realize B1G people already feel there's an NU.

Again, appreciate your sportsmanship, have read nothing but that Husker and Spartan fans got along great, hope that continues.

Chuck Harbaugh

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A trip everyone should make except maybe this guy

LINCOLN, Neb. -- University of Nebraska-Lincoln police say a 27-year-old man in town for a football game was cited after he urinated on a police car and the police station.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that the man emptied his bladder on the front of the cruiser and the side of the station on Saturday around 2:40 p.m. The officer was still in the car, filling out reports.

Police say the man was taken away for detoxification. A test showed his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit for driving.

The citation listed the allegation as littering by urination.

The man's name was not disclosed.


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The fans were so incredibly respectful and kind. When they found out I was from out of town they started giving me all these food recommendations as well as where to go after the game. I attended with my parents, and we've all been to plenty of major college football games, and we all agreed this was by far the best experience we've ever had.


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Cornhusker Fan Facts:

Cornhusker fans have illigalized trash tornados.

Cornhusker fans have memorized every B1G fight song.

Cornhusker fans host homecoming parties for visiting team alumni.

Cornhusker fans can get Jurassic Park back online without Dennis Nedry.

Cornhusker fans make their players pay for their own tattoos.

Cornhusker fans aren't born they simply "are."


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I remember my first college football game. My former favorite team was playing Nebraska. It was a spectacle to see the Nebraska fan base outnumber our own (not Michigan to clarify) at the stadium and around town. I've always wanted to go to Lincoln ever since I had the positive impression of well-mannered and passionate Nebraska fans who had made the trip all the way to North Carolina. their team was in the Bill Callahan years, playing lousy, and they still made that drive. With that said, I'm hoping the Big House won't be a sea of red like it was at Notre Dame when Nebraska played them in 2000. At least it's a more acceptable shade of red than I saw a few years ago.


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It's worth it to make it to Lincoln at least once.  After I moved to Omaha I was fortunate enough to date a girl back in the early 2000's who's family had some good season tickets and was able to go for free to several big games during that time period and it was an absolute blast!  Just a flat out great experience if you're a football fan.  Heck, I'd even offer up my house to crash at in Omaha if anyone is making the trip... but the wife probably wouldn't be too keen on that.