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Submitted by IUandUofM on June 4th, 2012 at 8:21 PM

I have an option for new seats and to get my bearings, I was wondering if someone could tell me what row in section 1 (visitor's side) is the one directly above the tunnel?  Is it 15?  Are there rows A & B starting from the field then going up from there 1+?

Also, if you are working from that row right above the tunnel then going towards the north end, what do the seat numbers start at (13?) and do they increase as you go north?

Once I have that, I can figure out where these seats are ... it's always fun to think about where you might be sititng.





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Any ever put in a seat request and requested different seats before for their season tickets? I am wondering when you find out if you got it accepted. I'm not expecting mine to go through, but was wondering if you find out before they mail the tickets. My seats are too low to the field, i'm in row 5 in the SE corner and I'm too short to see everything most of the time. The new scoreboards were the greatest thing to happen to me.

Section 1

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So here's a picture of what you are looking at.  For those not aware, the Michigan Stadium tunnel entrance is built a lot larger than what we see on game day; there's a section of seats that lifts up -- slightly "shaded" in this (old) picture:

Like a giant lid that can lift up so you can drive a truck in.  But the aisle is still the same, post-renovation; just about two seats wider.  It does not go down the centerline of the game-day tunnel opening, which is offset to the south; there really are seats just above the entrance.

I sat in Row 22 for the OSU game last November (seat-switch as a favor to friend), and we were several rows above the tunnel.  But in the "lid" portion.  As you know, the first couple of rows are letter-designates, different in different parts of the Stadium I think.  So you can't just count to 15 to prove that the first row above the tunnel is "ticket" Row 15.

Row 15, as far as I know, is pretty damn close to being the first row above the tunnel; but it also depends on the seat number.  I think you would be needing to look for something like seat numbers 18-21.  I think.  Because "Section 1" seats are on  both sides of the aisle.  You have to picture the aisles being in the middle of the section, and the section ends at the mid-way point between the aisles.

I recall some time ago being dazzled by some Adobe image of the entire Stadium seating chart, with each individual seat visible.  I actually found it as interesting as the Under the Lights 360* super-image-thing.  But I can't locate it now.  That would tell you for sure.


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Thanks Section 1 ... but was the tunnel also widened?  Seems like it was sometime last year ... as I said, I am a bit confused (because in spring of last year I have pictures of it offset like above and not as wide).  Here is one photo that shows the tunnel's center right on the 50.  The photo does show part of the scoreboard going up.  

Also, is the raised section raised on gameday ... I think that was answered above, but I wanted to make sure based on last year's games.


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There's a tiny little section that they use to fill that little  bit of the tunnel to squeeze a few extra seats in... at least there used to be. I'm fairly certain that hasn't changed.


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Ok, I understand now ... they remove an entire section of seating to make the tunnel wider when needed (the right side if you are directly looking at the tunnel from the field).  Some photos have the seats installed, others do not.

Section 1

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The extra seats seem to be in two pieces.  A lid that extends all the way across the top; it is permanently affixed and lifts up so that vehicles can enter.  Then there is an extension of seats down the north side of the tunnel.  Those seats are mounted differently and are just removed for vehicles to enter.


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I'll be there this coming weekend for the womens football academy. I'll try and remember to check this out for you while we are up there.

Smash Lampjaw

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You can almost count noses up the sides of the tunnel. I am in a section near the tunnel in row 16 and it looks like the back wall of the tunnel is 1 or 2 rows below me. The tunnel is offset from the aisle, so that the only seats actually behind the tunnel are in the north half of section one. I usually arrive early and am occasionally tempted to wander toward the tunnel but it seems like it is always very crowded all around it. For more than one game it would annoy me to have all of those invaders around me, but I am one of those get off my lawn guys.


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I just looked at the satellite image on Google maps again.  I know that rows A and B are the first two rows all around the stadium.

It appears that ticketed row 14 is the row over the tunnel as you can see the top piece is kicked up and a single maize bleacher is a piece of it.


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I was section 2 row 8 last year (or I should say my best hookup last year was that). I think the Row 15 sounds about right, though I warn you people in that area are notorious bunchers. Lots of kids come and invade before/after and at halftime to trade fives with the players and jeer at opponents.


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Did seat 9 start on one side of the aisle 9 through 12 (12 being the end of south side of aisle) then start up again on other side of aisle from seats 13 on?