Trey Burke Twitter rumors [Good]

Submitted by Jivas on April 8th, 2012 at 5:33 PM

There have been two recent Tweets that hint that Burke may be returning:

Part One:

Keith Langlois @Keith_Langlois FWIW. NBA personnel guy in Miami for #Pistons game says he believes Trey Burke is headed back to Michigan. Would go in 30s, he said

Part Two:

Suz @OhhSuzannah: @suckatsports report from church. The Burke family is telling members of our congregation that Trey's staying another year. We'll see!

Take it FWIW.  Didn't see anything on the Board on the most recent "information".  Hopefully these tea leaves are accurate!

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I'm starting 2 series that I want to post on here. They're called "Michigan Football 101" and "College Football 101." Starting on May 23 (101 days away from kickoff), I will write about 1 person/coach/game each day. The first one on May 23 will be #101 and countdown to kickoff to #1 on August 31st. Within the Top 101, there will be categories consisting of:
•Top 40 current players
•Top 10 coaches
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•Top 25 Players
•Top 10 Miscellaneous
I will do the same thing for college football on May 21st consisting of:
Top 25 Programs
Top 15 Rivalries
Top 15 Bands
Top 15 Stadiums
Top 10 Coaches
Top 10 Plays
Top 5 Heismans
Top 6 Miscellaneous
I need to figure out how to upload pictures because I made these sick logos for the two series. You can check them out on my Facebook page: Michigan Michiganmaniac Man
Until then, I need to quickly get my 100 points and figure out how to upload pictures, if someone wants to tell me. I'd also like to know how to upload videos


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In all honesty, I'd like for you to stay and to make valuable contributions. But, I think maybe take a week off from posting and just lurk, and get used to how the site works (e.g. most one-word comments that say "Lol" are bad). You have plenty of time to reach 100 points before May if that is your goal, no need for so many comments to artificially raise your score. I mean, I've made like 10 comments in the last year but I still read everyday, so it is still possible to participate and have fun with less commenting.I, for one, was legitimately surprised that you had an actual positive goal in mind for reaching 100 points. From your posting habits it seemed like maybe you were trying to get 100 points so you could troll. I don't want to discourage anyone from participating here. I want to stress how important getting to know the lay of the land is before jumping into posting for many people.

I also might recommend having a running diary rather than a new post each day if you do your countdowns as well, so it is all in one place and only shows up once. For what it is worth, I think your picture that you uploaded is actually pretty cool, and your idea could certainly be interesting over the summer if it is well done. I also think you can make it well done if you hang around and understand the personalities here.


Happy posting!


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1. The talent level will be increased but not to a top 5 national level. McGary is unlikely to be an Anthony Davis / Jared Sullinger type impact player.   Despite his recruiting profile and advanced age, he's doesn't appear to be a one-and-done type talent. He's 6'9-6'10 (typical PF height, but not a C) and has struggled quite a bit against elite competition.  Ultimately, that is just fine for us, but doesn't necessarily translate to BIG THINGS next year.

2.  We lose a lot of experience and 3 of our top 6 players. The team should be better considering improvements from the core of Burke/Hardaway/Morgan, but will be trading experience for length and depth. Stauskas is unlikely to provide the kind of complimentary role that Douglass did, especially on defense. Robinson won't be as gritty, reliable, versatile, effective as Novak was.  McGary won't have a season under his belt like Smot did.  It's hard to see this team being a lot better offensively, but there's some potential for an improvement much is hard to say.  It's not easy to replace what Douglass and Novak were willing to do on D, but Smot is addition by subtraction on that end.

3.  Change in style of play.  There's no question that losing 3 point shooters and replacing them with height and athleticism is going to require another change from Beilein.  It's a new challenge for our coach.  He's proven he can rise to such challenges before, but there will be uncertainty that pundits will (rationally) recognize with this team losing 3 of it's top 6 players.

4.  Chemistry.  Novak and Douglass had a willingness-to-do-anything that was great for chemistry.  They took on the toughest defensive assignments and they scored only when it fit within the flow of the offense.  They let Burke and Hardaway lead the offense and stepped in only when they had to.  Those 2, along with Smot, basically spread the floor out and let Trey and Tim do work while Morgan worked the pick-and-roll.  It's going to be a little tighter in the paint with Robinson and McGary getting minutes instead.  How are the freshman stars going to adjust to ball/shot-dominating players like Burke and Hardaway?  How are Burke and Hardaway going to adjust to players who aren't comfortable taking just 3 shots a game?


This will be a very very good team and the program is going in a wonderful direction, but top 5....not just yet.




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in AAU level which is why he rose to #2.  Playing at Brewster isn't a good indicator of McGary's ability since they really don't pass the ball to McGary.  Sure he's not a great back to the basket low post player but he can face up and score in different variety of ways.  He should replace Novak with his energy, defense and rebounding.

Glenn Robinson III should be the best athlete when he arrives on campus.  Remember, he is known primarily as a jumpshooter but he has gotten better and better.  He developed into a great athlete who can make an impact immediately.  To me, he's a national freshman of the year candidate as well as a potential All-American.

Stauskas may not replicate Douglass as far as on defense, but he's a better offensive player which could offset Douglass defensive ability.  He can shoot and handle the rock.  He'll be a wonderful compliment to GRIII, THJ and potentially Burke as a spot up shooter.

Experience to me is an overrated factor in college basketball because of the one and done rule.  Michigan is bringing in 2 5* recruits who will make an immediate impact and a 4* recruit who can be an effective offensive player off the bench. If Burke comes back, Michigan is a top 10 team.  Yes, the offensive identity may be different but the principle of JB offense remains the same which is movement and reading/reacting against the defense.  They finally have size, length and athleticism.  Yes, I love what Douglass and Novak brings to the table, but both also showed deficiencies that Michigan were not able to overcome last season despite winning the B1G title.  Even though I admire his grittiness, leadership and energy, Novak was a liability guarding the PF and was worn down at the end of the season in which he had  big time slump.  Michigan will lose their best permetier defender in Douglass, but Douglass wasn't a great shooter and can be overwhelmed against quicker and athletic defender.  Then there's Evan Smotrycz.  When he's on, Michigan is hard to defend at every spot.  However, he has been off more than on and is a defensive liability because of his lack of athleticism.  He wasn't big or strong enough to guard the 5 nor isn't athletic enough to guard the 4.

Playing small ball has helped Michigan because they force you to play small, but they have a bigger problem when other team has the 4 who can stretch defense with their shooting like Purdue with Hummel or OSU with DeShaun Thomas.


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I think, is pretty special.  Easier to replace in theory than in practice.

I don't have the sense that GR3 is primarily a jump shooter and that kind of thing doesn't always translate to the next level of defenders.  Even if that's the case - he doesn't have 3 point range and he's going to bump into THJ's territory a bit.

You could be right about Stauskas.  He could be an upgrade to Stu offensively, but it's hard to know that (and how he fits exactly) till he starts playing at this level.

The one-and-dones make up a small fraction of a percent of NCAA players.  Yes, they are extremely talented ones, but most aren't affected by it.

I think your critiques of the departing players are valid, but you'll be able to make comparable ones of the incoming players once they arrive.

I think 'playing small' rarely hurt Michigan in net.  The defensive losses are offset by the offensive benefits.  I think we won't see much of it next year, but it's because we don't have another Novak available.



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  1. McGary is a Baller and played on a prep Allstar team where he never got touches and that’s why his rankings dropped so drastically. He was the 5-6thoption. We will see how he does in an offense that takes advantage of his Offensive abilities.
  2. You may be right about Stauskas but , but replacing Novak with a  legit 5* small forward in GRIII…I’ll take that trade.  As far as replacing our offensive production. Novak(9.2ppg), Douglas & Smot (7ppg ea). I don’t see that being hard to replace at all especially with an inside presence (MM &Morgan, & Horford), a slasher in GRIII and a penetrator in Burke . This should give wide open shots to THJ, Vog, Stauskas etc., and make it so this team doesn’t have to be as 3 happy as it has been in the past, but it can if need be…versatility. 
  3. See #2
  4. Chemistry to me is my only real concern but hopefully Burke  will emerge along with a more vocal and consistent THJ among others. 



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That's my concern with GR3 - I don't know that he has the outside shot to be a 2 beside Burke or the defensive know-how and toughness to be a Big10 4-man.

Obviously GR3's athleticism will overcome a lot of questions though.

What was good about Novak/Douglass wasn't their production, but their lack of it.  They didn't need shots to be effective - they spaced the floor and did what they had to.  Offensively, they were glue guys.  Will the same be true for the freshman?


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Stauskas is basically a more talented Douglass and Robinson doesn't need to fill in for Novak, that is McGary's job. Also, where did you get your info about McGary struggling against elite competition? That is something they like to say on Spartan boards but I have no idea why we should think he won't be able to compete right away


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We should be MUCH better at rebounding, which I think is most important. MSU & OSU both shot pretty poorly from the outside, but their length & athleticism led to huge advantages in rebounding ... which is why we couldn't compete unless the 3's were dropping.


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I think you put too much emphasis on the value of douglass smot and novak. Novak was a junkyard dog and I will always admire him...but we are def stepping up in the talent dept. Talent is what wins championships. We aren't bringing in punks that are Michigan kids. Mcgary G Rob and stakaus are all good kids and more talented than their predecessors. Michigan won't be top 5 if Belien fails to coach them up. We have top talent coming in and not to mention Spike....there are no excuses. It's time. Beilein has been here long enough and this is going to be by far his most talented team. By far. Coach them up...stop relying on the three ball to the death. I don't want to not be able to plug in top talent because they don't fit the detailed schematics of the Beilein system. Adapt and win. Its what we should expect. Top talent is approaching Ann arbor ....we will see what Beilein does with it. No excuses. We will win the big ten next year and make a run in the tourney. Then comes Irvin and Walton and the rest and the train will keep moving. Go blue.

Mr. Yost

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It sucks we're in a position where we rely so much on one player...but it's the situation we're in. We HAVE to have Burke back. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!


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With Trey Burke this is a top 10-15 team. For this to be a top 5 team THJ needs to show up bigtime, he has to be the leading scorer so that Trey can run the offense instead of looking to score. 


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Where is that guy that said he would take a banning for a year, if Trey comes back..  I just want to make sure that he sees it through if it happens.


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What a great weekend!  There was Sullinger in a dress and Spike Albrecht committing, now Trey Burke coming back(hopefully) and Brock Mealer walking!  Happy Easter to all!


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If Burke returns are we a legit top 10 team next year? I know we have a great incoming recruiting class, but its hard to really bank on freshman who haven't even played one college game. I tend to be optimistic though. If Burke returns I believe we can repeat as Big 10 champs and are poised to make a deep tourney run. Thoughts? 


April 9th, 2012 at 12:18 AM ^

El Fuego posted above that the ratings that he has seen so far (with burke) range from 4 to 8 nationally. That is what I have also seen from the usual sites, such as ESPN, CNNSI, and CBSSportsline. We were at 13-14 for most of last year, and there is a huge influx of talent, with a modest loss of talent, so that makes a certain amount of sense.

Not sure I would even want to speculate about life without Burke. It's clear that Albrecht can't carry the PG load, but a year ago we assumed that Burke could not carry the PG load. He actually carried it better than Morris.

As far as the competition goes, they will both be good, but are losing a lot of talent as well. If I had to pick, I'd say it should be a tight race for the Big Ten again . . . .