Trey Burke post game interview

Submitted by invisiblespoon on March 9th, 2012 at 8:57 PM
For those of us watching the game without sound in bars in Lynchburg VA what did trey have to say?



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This may be crazy and who knows what the future holds but as I watched and listned to him after the game I thought what a great representative of Michigan.  I also saw a future NBA hall of fame player spending his post retirement days as an NBA analyst on ESPN.  Did anyone else see that?


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apparently everybody is peeing.

i'm curious myself--mr. yost said something about a freshman slip up in the other thread, but i was on the phone and missed it.


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They said that he was great with his left hand. They asked how it got good with the left and he said hours of practice, that he thought it was a weakness so he improved. They asked about how he switched it up and didn't use the pick and roll and he said they had talked about it in the huddle, he had become predictable so he faked it and was surprised how open he was.

He talked about the senior leadership of zack and stu. They kept the team up in the huddle. And he said he was tired. He gave a great interview.


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I also thought he might have been questioning the coach, but the second time I listened to it it's clear Michigasling is right. Beilein originally had them playing zone, but then the players convinced him to let them play man-to-man. Burke is saying that they should have stuck with zone like Beilein wanted.


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He played one hell of a game!

Impressive how effective his game was with so few misses.

We need to hit freethrows and rebound better if we want to win another tournament game (Big Ten or NCAA)

San Diego Mick

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That pretty much summed it up, I will add that the guys interviewing were gushing basically.

This kid is such a stud and mature and has such a great attitude. So some thought he was a 3 star recruit huh? Bwhahahahahahahaha, yeah right!


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I moved to Lynchburg not long ago - not sure where there are good bars to watch games. Where did you check it out tonight?


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Burke was phenomenal, but how about the gutsy call by Belein at the end?  Smotrycz hadn't scored but has ice in his veins when called upon!


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Beilein has confidence in his guys, even when they're struggling, and it seems to rub off on them.  How many times this season have we seen one of our players struggle for 35 minutes and then drill huge shots down the stretch?  Hardaway alone has followed that script quite a few times.


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I know this is a large statement but does anyone else think Burke is the best freshman we've had since Webber? He's got what BiIl Simmons refers to as the "point guard gene" while still being able to score at will. I can't emphasize enough how impressed I was with him tonight.


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He was more humble than the normal career high scoring player would be, gave credit to the coaches, gave credit to the rest of his teammates, said he still had stuff to work on. Michigan Man talk, always about the ol' team. Hail and rejoice for the coming of Burke to replace Darrius as an effective point guard.