Trey Burke NBA Destination?

Submitted by MgoSuh on February 27th, 2013 at 1:04 PM

My roommates and I have been having an interesting discussion on which teams actually have a need for a point guard in the upcoming NBA Draft. Going through most of the lower-tier NBA teams, most have drafted a high quality point guard in recent years. It seems that the NBA has had an influx of high-quality young point guards, and we're just having trouble finding a team that desperately needs a player like Trey.

Trust me, I am absolutely cherishing the time we have left watching Trey, I just thought I might get some interesting conversation going on this day while snowed in.

A couple teams that seem to have a sort of need for a high-quality PG seem to be the Rockets, the Jazz, the Suns and the Magic. But I was just wondering where you guys see him going/where you want to see him go?