Trey Burke NBA Destination?

Submitted by MgoSuh on February 27th, 2013 at 1:04 PM

My roommates and I have been having an interesting discussion on which teams actually have a need for a point guard in the upcoming NBA Draft. Going through most of the lower-tier NBA teams, most have drafted a high quality point guard in recent years. It seems that the NBA has had an influx of high-quality young point guards, and we're just having trouble finding a team that desperately needs a player like Trey.

Trust me, I am absolutely cherishing the time we have left watching Trey, I just thought I might get some interesting conversation going on this day while snowed in.

A couple teams that seem to have a sort of need for a high-quality PG seem to be the Rockets, the Jazz, the Suns and the Magic. But I was just wondering where you guys see him going/where you want to see him go?


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Speaking of the NBA Draft, is Adreian Payne considering testing the waters?  It seems like he's playing his way onto the draft board.  When you're that big and display some perimeter touch, you become a valuable commodity.


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But I will say that at the Michigan-WVU game in Brooklyn, I came face to face with a guy whom I'm nearly positive was an OKC scout.  Big notepad, plenty of OKC gear.  Could just as easily have been looking at Tim or GRIII, or just there because, but my 2 cents.


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Westbrook still has 5 years on his contract, and though there is speculation that he can be a liability at times, they seem pretty dedicated to him. 

I'd say the Jazz, Celtics, Bucks, or (unfortunately) Bobcats.

For those saying the Lakers: if nothing changes, their pick is around the 40th or something IIRC.  


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Lin's contract wouldn't be a barrier to the Rockets drafting Burke.

The Rockets have enough cap space to make a run at any max-offer free agent, including Howard, this off season according to Zach Lowe, who understands this stuff better than anyone. Also, Burke would still be on a rookie deal when Lin's contract expires in 2014-5.  Add in that their offense is essentially all pick and roll all the time and it could be a good fit.



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Dallas will probably be somewhere in the early teens and would have a dire need to go after a true point guard.  They have Collison on an expiring contract and have Mike James as their back-up so they'll be in the market during both the draft and in free agency next year. 

They are going to go after Chris Paul, but there is NO way he's going to sign with Dallas.  So I think that the Mavs are either going to try to draft a true point guard OR they'll draft the tallest white guy available...  



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i don't know what you're talking about.  trey burke will remain a sophomore forever and therefore will never leave college.


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Phoenix drafted Kendall Marshall last year to be their point guard of the future. I could see the Magic or Jazz as good fits. Jameer Nelson is getting older. Personally I would like Trey join the Lakers and learn under Steve Nash before taking over.


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This kid's going in the lottery, so it'll depend on the order of the lottery.  I don't see him sliding past the Pistons, though.  That would make me very happy too because Brandon Knight is not the point guard I was hoping he would be coming out of Kentucky. 


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I know that I am in the minority here, but I think Burke will be best served as a backup point guard on a good team. This years draft is weak and he IS the best player in college basketball, but I think he is playing at his ceiling physically. So I think it will be a good thing if he goes to a late first round team. I am not saying that he won't be a starting point guard, I just don't think he will ever be a franchise type point guard in the NBA.

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and I really hope I am wrong..... that said, I tend to agree with you.  What will help him is that he is a decent shooter and (should get better) that he takes care of the ball.  His size and quickness could slow his development.


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Earlier today I posted a question on one of the latest stories on UMHoops about Burke.  My question was what people thought of his NBA potential given his awesome season.  It seems that he's climbed some draft boards but remains a mid-round prospect based on his height. 

I found a website that lets you compare college players so I put in Burke and compared him to Paul, Westbrook, Lawson, and Rose.  Paul and Lawson are both very good comparisons both physically and statistically.  Based on their NBA careers you'd think Burke has a good chance to be a starter, or at least major contributor.

One depressing part of the comparison is FT-attempts.  The other players blow Burke out of the water in that stat (shakes fist at B10 refs). 


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This link is great!!! But one thing that these stats do not show is quickness. Lawson and Paul are both much quicker (and faster) then Burke. I think this is a major attribute if you are 6 foot or under. Not saying that I agree with the way NBA point guards are used, but all the top PGs all have the ability to score in one on one situations (on just about anyone who is guarding them). A great example of this is Will Bynum, he is not a top PG (or starter), but he is able to stick around because of his exceptional athletism.


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Alex - I don't follow the NBA well enough to debate this point, but I found your comment interesting.  Do you really think Paul and Lawson are that much quicker than Burke?  Are there any other 6-foot PG's we could compare him to in the NBA? 


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only because my GF parents are season ticket holders and I'd like a reason to get excited to go.  Selfish as it may be, however, he may actually be a decent fit there since Rose can't seem to stay healthy..

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Didn't see this anywhere in the comments, but draftexpress has Burke going to Utah and has him going 15th to Milwaukee. Boston also picks in that area.


Interestingly, has both GR3 and THJ going in the first round, but I didn't see either on draftexpress. Someone please let me know if I'm blind.


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Calderone doesn't play D and is 31. Even if he stays you have 2 seven footers who are under 22 and that doesn't equate to a long term commitment in the point guard department.

None of the rest of Detroit's combo guards really knows or has shown the slightest ability to play the pg position. Trey is perfect for Detroit.

Comparing Trey to Chris Paul etc is just silly. Even if he doesn't end up as good as Paul (which I'm not yet convinced he can't be) Burke can still be a solid NBA starting point.

Eric snow lasted a long time in the league as a solid starter and he had no jumpshot. Anyone thinking Trey is a back up and that the pistons wouldn't be lucky to have them needs to reevaluate that assessment


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The best fit is Golden State. Burke will not be a "star" pg ever. He is not derick rose, nor Westbrook, or Chris Paul. He will float between starter and backup settling in as a backup midway through his career. Golden state runs a of dominating offense. Steph Curry has had injury issues in other years so if he's out for an extended time Burke fits in nicely and keeps the game flow the same as a backup.