Trey Burke: Jazz v. Rockets Open Thread

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So far Burke is 2-4 and 1-3 from 3.




Final Stat Line:

5-15 Shooting

1-6 from 3

11 Points

2 Rebounds

2 Assists

4 TOs


Looked much better in his 2nd game.  Trey and his team defintely still have a long way to go.



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I was just about to start this thread, so thanks for that.

Trey is off to a good start. 5 points off 2-4 shooting.

For those still obsessed with the Pistons drafting KCP over Burke. KCP was outstanding today. 19 points off 6-13 shooting. Excellent defense, plus 6 boards to go along with 1 steal. He looked great.

Andre Drummond also looked like the monster everyone thinks he will be. He also scored on a few Olajuwon-esque post moves, which, considering he has worked with him isn't shocking, but it's mana from heaven for Pistons fans. This kid seems to really care about basketball and being one of the best in the league, and he has thus far dedicated his life to being one of those guys, from all accounts. We may have our saviour, folks.


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Trey has taken some pretty fucking horrible shots this game. He's obviously playing with the Jazz's D-league team, but still. No reason to be taking 30 foot step back jumpers. You're not fellow Michigan man, JCrawf.


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Burke with 2 back to back dimes. Very pretty. Made the perfect decision each time.

Edit: Burke with another beautiful alley-oops pass on a fast break, right on the money, but the dude missed it. UNACCEPTABLLLLEEEEEE!


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Forget this. Y'all mugs want me to PBP when Burke is on the floor? I'll do it. He's (sadly) on the bench right now. 

Stat line:

4-12 shooting

1-4 from deep

0 Fts


2 boards

2 dimes

4 giveaways

4 fouls

Has played better than the stats say, and considering he's going up against PBev.


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Yup. And he has been going full bore. Trey has given a couple of guys gifts and they've missed. Not his fault. The turnovers have been though. Also, the terrible, terrible shots, but a lot of that has to do with Bev frustrating him.

Edit: As I was typing this, Trey missed an open look from 3.


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Trey gave Jeremy Evans a good look, but since he is Jeremy Evans he decided that an open shot was horrible and decided to take a horrible shot off the bounce and was lucky to get fouled. If Burke was playing with the A-team, these things would not happen.


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Burke with excellent defense, bogus foul called. Everyone rages against the light.

Edit: Nest poss, Burke with a horrible 27 foot shot. Needs to stop doing that immediately.


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Know it's some def SAWCASM but there is an element of truth so far. KCP has looked like an amazing athlete, struggling with his shot at times (was hitting everything today).

Burke has looked like a player who knows exactly what he's doing but isn't athletic enough to always get off his shot. That is a real problem. (Edit: But seriously though, his positioning is almost always perfect, regardless of how retarded his teammates act.)

Burke does looks like he can average 7-9 assists per game and play solid to good defense in the NBA.

Note. All of this is based on summer league games. 

Marley Nowell

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Not resigning Milsap or Al Jefferson shows the Jazz are gearing up for the supposedly loaded 2014 Lottery.  I just hope their coach is good and can maximize the talent he has and help the young players like Burke improve.


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The Jazz fans LOVE Alec Burks. He took over for PG duty at the end of the year. He's part of the "young core" that they're building around, he's a good scorer off the pass, effective at getting to the rim and drawing contact. Not a point guard in the truest sense of the word, but he can Hardaway vs. VCU.


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If anyone cares even marginally, I can use my super expensive $15 I paid to watch the entirety of the summer league to highlight the next game, but unfortunately it doesn't involve the Knicks or Timmy, so I don't think anyone will care.

Also, yes, I love the NBA enough to pay $15 to watch all of the summer league streaming live in HD. Fuck me, right?


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Trey Burke FINAL stat line:

First of all....PBev (great defender at guard position) of Rockets being interviewed says Trey Burke is good.

5-15 shooting

1-6 deep

0 fts


2 boards

2 assists

4 giveaways

5 fouls

Not a good day, but solid defense. Should have had at least 4-5 more assists, if not playing with people who have blocks for hands (literally blocks).

Used pick and roll well. Not as sharp on pick and roll D as he should be. Great, to amazing positioning on offense, off ball.


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I guess since one person cared enough to upvote, I'll keep track of Oladipo. I know that a lot of you mugs care about precious MGoPoints, so I'll continue to edit this post rather than make a new one every time he does something.

Thus far, solid D, and a rebound. 

Oladipo is playing a lot of point and the Heat promptly bait him into a trap which he falls for and turns the ball over. Not a point guard.

Moe Harkless is confused as to what traveling is...

Oladipo with a solid move, but results in a TO. Oladipo respods with a  3. Continues to play good D off a rebound that lead to said 3.

Orlando subs in dude with epic Harden-esque beard.

Oladipo with nice pass to cut man ut moving screen cancels play. Lot of point for VO (now calling him that). He hits another shot, plus solid D.

If VO if playing point, the Magic are going to be in trouble for a couple of years. But, if his passing game comes along as well as his jumper, they'll be in good hands in 2 years.

Sorry, missed a few plays. Just came back to VO hitting another trey. He has got legit range. Now making free throws.

VO, impressive D again. I could write that every possession. No joke. He's a legit NBA defender.


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Oladipo looks very, very solid. Hit a pull up 3 and a pull up elbow jumper. He looks like the best rookie so far IMO. Olynyk has also made a case for that title. Oladipo's defense is probably the deciding factor. He's bringing it, even in summer ball.


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BIRDMAN BIRDMAN! I mean, VO, with the major block/foul. Tremendous athleticism.

VO seems to be in on every major defensive play, as most Wolverine fans should know from having eexperienced him...

Bad passs VO. ORL gets ball back luckily. VO drives, gets fouled. Shooting FTs. Announcers talking about VO = Russ Westbrook comparisons. Premature.

No one seems to care, so I'm going to bail.

I'll definitely be back for Timmy and more Trey (and KCP/Pistons) if peeps remind me. 
So remind me.


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Just as a total recap for everyone...

Prescient info...

Yes, the Pistons did NOT make a mistake by drafting KCP. Hate Joe Dumars, but don't hate the kid he picked. He is a great athlete, can shoot the lights out, goes 110% (and as fucking stupid as it is to say, the kid literally, and by literally, I mean LITERALLY) on  every play. That has borne itself out in the summer league.

Trey Burke is like, really good you guys. Seriously, dudes. Trey needs to cut down on taking horrendous shots, and doing dumb stuff, because although he was the undisputed #1 college basketball player, he is nowhere near the best point guard, let alone "baller." That doesn't take away from the fact that he should be able to play solid to good defense, knock down a couple 3s a game, and dish out between 7-9 dimes per game. 

Trey is going to be good.

Oladipo might (and I stress, "might"), and as blasphemous as it sounds, "might "end up being a better point guard..............His positioning and knowledge of the game will never come close to equalling Burke's, but if he can get his shot off more consistently, and use that to set up his teammates, VO will be a good lead guard.

The Magic seem determined to use Oladipo as a point, and if it works out perfectly, they'll have hit the jack pot, unfortunately, that almost never happens in the NBA.


Wee-Bey Brice

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Trey stunk up the gym in his first game, glad to see him have a better game. Not a fan of that assist to turnover ratio but hopefully he gets that together. A lot of people aren't believers that he can translate his game to the NBA but im really hoping he proves them wrong as he's been doing his whole life. He has some work to do