Trey Burke Interviewed on Sportscenter - Still No Decision

Submitted by Michael Scarn on April 12th, 2013 at 2:32 PM

Trey is out in LA to receive the Wooden award and was interviewed for about 5 minutes live on Sportscenter.  Says decision and announcement will come in the next few days, and that he'll be sitting down with Beilein while they are out in Los Angeles.  Obviously a long shot that he stays, but I mean Taylor Lewan?




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If he stays we win the national title. If he goes we've had the pleasure of being part of a tremendous persons college career. Trey is the real deal on every level.

Blue and Joe

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Even if everyone comes back I would be shocked if we get to the final game two years in a row. Having a really good team is not enough. You have to get a little lucky, get some breaks, and be hot at the right time. I don't think people realize how rare what happened this year really is.

the Glove

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I don't think you realize how common it is for teams to go back to back to the Final Four. Louisville just did it, Kentucky did it half a decade ago, hell I'm pretty sure Sparty even did it in 2000 and 2001. The icing on the cake is that the fab five did it. Real good teams find a way to get there.


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UCLA went 3 years in a row (06-08), Florida went two years in a row (and won the NC both times in 06 and 07), MSU went to back to back Final 4's in 09 and 10, and Butler went to back to back championship games in 10 and 11.  While I agree the Final 4 isn't a lock next year if Burke and the other 3 come back, it's as close to a lock as it's ever going to be and it's certainly a very possible outcome. 



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this team comes back in tact next season, I absolutely believe we belong in the same category as those other teams.  The reason we went 20 years in between FInal 4 appearances is because we went through a long spell of bad coaching, bad talent or a combination of both.  This year's team was a legitimate Top 10 squad that gained a ton of seasoning and peaked at the right time.  We haven't had a single season squad this good since the Fab 5, and whenever we've had individual pockets of talent anywhere near this level, the guys have gone to the NBA early rather than sticking around to build momentum. 

In other words, the past 20 years is completely irrelevant to the discussion because we haven't had this type of talent and recent success as the starting point for a new season.  There is no recent precedent for Michigan when it comes to having a season like 2012-13, followed by all the major players deciding to come back for the next year. 

But many of the teams listed in the examples above that repeated as Final 4 participants did fit this mold.  Therefore, I would argue that if the Big 4 come back, Michigan should very much use the MSU's, Butlers, Floridas, UCLAs, etc of the past few years as a realistic benchmark.  Back to back Final 4's would not be guaranteed, but they would certainly be a realistic expectation and an attainable goal to shoot for.


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went 20 years between trips I don't think we can really put us in with those guys.

We went to six Final Fours between 1964 and 1993. Twice, we went in back-to-back years ('64 and '65, then '92 and '93), and we came very close to doing that one other time (made it in '76 and then were upset in the Elite Eight in '77). So we've actually often been able to sustain success in more than one year. The 20-year drought had a lot to do with our program going through massive turmoil and not just normal variance.

Blue and Joe

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It doesn't matter why we had the 20 year drought, all that matters is that it happened. I know it's hard to believe for some people, but yes, a school like Butler has had a better basketball program than us in the last decade. These are just facts, they don't take anything away from what we accomplished. It's what makes what we accomplished that much more exciting. I do believe we are finally in a position to sustain success, but until that happens we are still a one-hit wonder right now.

His Dudeness

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Florida was back to back champions... goes to show how great that team really was. I think Billy was paying some kids for a while then calmed it down after he was successful so early. He lost to MSU in the finals and won back to back finals within a 5 year span. That is a suspicious success level.



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The reason it is so difficult for most teams to do it is because it is so hard to keep a team together. Trey and THJ coming back would eliminate the biggest barrier that prevents continuity of success. If anything one would argue this makes it even more likely because most teams with top talent lose everybody.


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Trey did not come back, if everybody else did including Hardaway they would be doing this program a massive service.  A mass exodus this year would kind of mean back to the drawing board in terms of stocking talent.  With Walton and Irvin coming in next year and given a year to come into their own, Michigan would be firmly in the "reloading" category of teams. 


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...........just doesn't matter if the heart and desire are not there. All one needs to look at is the past few years of USC and Texas football teams.

And think about all of those guys going to UK, who were the big fish in the small pond for years, coming together and being a group of big fish together, each trying to get their expected piece of the action. It might work out for them, but I could also see horrendous infighting and ball-hogging going on which would impact the potential of how great that team could actually be.

If you look at the best Duke teams, for instance, they had a few stars on them, but also had the role players necessary who knew what their purpose was. Alpha males have a hard time adapting to the mentality needed for being a role player on a team.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part that Kentucky implodes next season and never reaches it's potential, but I have to think that their is a good chance that it will happen that way.


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But if Burke, McGary, THJ and GRIII all come back next year, I would 100% take Michigan over Kentucky.  You'd have a similar number of NBA prospects on both teams, and while you could definitely argue that some of the Kentucky guys would have higher ceilings, most of the key guys on Michigan would be better developed physically and emotionally because of their relative age and experience.

I'll take the talented and experienced team comprised of mostly sophomores and juniors anytime over a group of super freshmen mixed with a talented but undisciplined team coming off an NIT season. 

The reality is that Burke and probably THJ are NOT coming back, so without those two then yeah.....I'd favor Kentucky.  But if all 4 return, you're looking at a team that top to bottom is the deepest, most talented and most seasoned we've had since 1993. 


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I just don't see how he can stay. He won every top award there is, he took his team to the national championship game - how much would he as a player gain from staying? I know the team would gain a lot, but at this point, it seems like taking his game to the next level means going to the next level. 


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Some kids just love college and want to enjoy that lifestyle as long as possible.  There certainly are not many examples of players of his level staying in college, but I remember the three Florida players (Noah, Horford and Brewer) that were all but guaranteed lottery picks after winning the national championship deciding to come back for another run, and another championship.  Burke's main drive for coming back this year was to win a national title, so maybe knowing how close they came this year and how much talent they will have next year (same team plus another potential future lottery pick in Irvin) will convince him to stay one more year. 

Blue in Yarmouth

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But we don't have to look any further than Lewan to see that there are people out there who care about more than just their draft stock. Whether it be the completion of their educational goals or their athletic goals (as they pertain to college). I doubt he stays as well...but he may have a team focused goal of actually winning the national championship and the run they went on this year may have convinced him it's a distinct possibly if he stays. 

Again, I don't think he will stay, but there is often more to these decisions than just a persons draft stock and how much it will improve with another year experience.


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beg the question though.  Burke going pro was looked upon as like the most foregone of all conclusions.  Oladipo, Zeller, MacLemore, Carter Williams.  I mean all of these guys have declared, why hasn't Trey.  I mean it would be just a "as expected, Trey Burke has declared for the NBA draft" type statement, there would be no suspense.  I am getting curious that perhaps Trey is a little more conflicted than was assumed about leaving. 


April 12th, 2013 at 2:37 PM ^

I'm a huge Michigan fan but I really think he should go. His stock can't really get any higher than it is 10. Poy honors, title game appearance, etc.

His only knock is that he is 6ft tall but that's not something he can change over the next year. His game is pro ready, well rounded and very polished. I wish him the best of luck and whatever team is lucky enough to draft him will surely become my favorite nba team.


April 12th, 2013 at 2:38 PM ^

Speaking with an eye to Trey's professional future, he'd be foolish not to go now. We all know that. Top 10 projections are as good as it gets...I hope that the New Orleans Hornets can get their hands on him


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On his podcast on grantland this morning

He stated that this draft is supposedly a really weak class and that they all are about as high as they will get. He cited his own career apparently was rated top 8 sophomore year, stayed and went 13 junior year (not a huge drop but a drop none the less). he said that players that stay longer get over analyzed as teams look more into why they didnt leave and see more weaknesses in them. it was a pretty interesting listen


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His stock is sky high right now. Should go. Sure, Michigan will miss him, but they'll have replacements ready to go. As someone said earlier, Pistons should take him.