Trey Burke has earned his success (workout videos)

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I feel really fortunate to be able to watch this UM basketball team.  Much like last years' team, this team wills victory and never gives up.  We have talent - young, improving, impressive talent.  But I feel even more importantly, we have players that know how to play as a team, play their hearts out, and never let their will for victory slip away.

(as an aside, Team 132 was honored in the first half vs. NW -- an ugly victory that was won in overtime because the team never gave up and did all the little things that brought the victory.  Hmmmm, coincidence?)

Of all the players on this team, no one has been more of a surprise than Trey Burke.  After loosing all-everything Darius Morris, I really had doubts that we'd be as good as some were predicting.  However, Novak's heart, THJ's skills, and others' improvements have made this team a legit B1G contender.  But the one person that has really lifted us into a contender, in my opinion, is Trey Burke.  True freshman and potentially the best freshman in the entire nation.  What?!  It's been an incredible start to his college career.  He is solid in all aspects of his game, and most importantly, has run this team efficiently.   To me it's almost unfathamable that we miss Darius Morris as little as we do (much love to you, Darius).  This is because of Trey's maturity and hard work.

Remember last summer - who saw Trey's "Journey to Ann Arbor" work out videos (part 1 here)?  I remember watching those videos at that time thinking that this kid would will himself into something very special.  I was so impressed with his attitude, his work ethic, his desire to come to Michigan, and his humility.  Now, when I see him play on the court, I think back to those videos and it really makes sense.  This kid has earned his success.

Credit is also due to Coach B for knowing how to recruit quality players and quality people.  Our team is stacked with heart working team players who have skills and improve each season. 

Go Blue!  Thanks for the season so far....

(Yeah, and not to get too far ahead, but imagine if all players stayed at UM through the 2014 season.  Hands down the BEST team in the country:

PG, jr. Trey Burke
SG sr. THJ
SF so. Glenn Rob III
PF so. McGary
C sr. Jordan Morgan





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Also, did anyone get a sight of the UM helmet with #132 on it?  I've been trying to find a picture on the internet but have had no luck.

That was awesome! I'd so love that helmet with Brady Hoke's autograph.  I will get it someday.


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A couple of these videos were posted before (one by me way back when it was posted to youtube) but it is still awesome to go back and see how much a 17 year old kid dedicated himself to one thing to try and achieve his dreams.


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Smotrycz (sp) won't be gone in my ideal 2014 future, but he won't be starting over those other five.

What I think is amazing about Trey's 3* is that it isn't only Trey that was underrated.  Most of Michigan's team has played (at times FAR) above their rating.  That says a lot about the coaching and scouting and team atmosphere that is created that allows this type of growth.  It really makes me feel at ease with UM's future with Coach B at the helm.


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You mentioned Trey and I went to the mgoblue site to check something and there's Lloyd Brady in all his splendor on the basketball front page!


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I think Stauskas is going to be great.  His highlights look like a player that fights yet can drain jumpshots in his sleep.  I think he will end up being another of the underrated players that comes in and surprises people (underrated, although he's probably top 100 right now).


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I agree with bigblue02 mitch at the 5 and smotz at the 4.I cant wait gonna be an awesome team.Things really looking good for michigan football and basketball.


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No way Hardaway plays sg in this offense. I don't think Hardaway has played any minutes at 2 his entire career, and there's no way Beilein would start him at 2 when heis such a perfect fit for 3. The shooting guard instead Beilein's offense essentially has to be a second point guard, and timmy just doesn't have the ball handling. I think its much more likely that Brundridge plays 2. If Beilein wants Hardaway and Robinson on the court at the same time, th2 would play 3, gr3 would have to play 4, and mcgary at 5.