Trey Burke Declares for NBA Draft

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Title pretty much says it all.  Thanks for the memories, Trey. 



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The days of elite players from national programs staying to graduate are past us. I don't fault Trey or other contemporary players for leaving early if their draft stock is at or near peak. Now if you mean if he ever graduates, i.e., he fulfilles graduation requirements after leaving a la Juwan Howard, then perhaps I can agree with you.



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I think in this case he's referring to Green, who spent 4 years in college (2 at JUCO, 2 at UM).  In that case if the guy isn't walking away with the sheepskin it doesn't look all that great.  I think for a guy like Burke or someone else leaving early the question for jmblue would be "Are you on track to graduate?" or like you said, "Did you come back and finish your degree in the offseason or at the end of your playing career?"


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Now if you mean if he ever graduates, i.e., he fulfilles graduation requirements after leaving a la Juwan Howard, then perhaps I can agree with you.

This is what I mean. I don't expect athletes to necessarily graduate in four years. I know that's hard for even a lot of non-athletes to do. But they should eventually graduate. I know Howard and Rose did from the Fab Five, and I'm in favor of raising both of their jerseys.



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Every year a few players who could have plausibly been lottery picks decide to stay for their senior year. Mason Plumlee probably was a lottery pick at the end of his second year, but stuck around an extra two years. Not saying it's good or bad... but it's not as rare as you're implying. Most of the examples I can mention are from either UNC or Duke though. 

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I don't know.  Green averaged 20 ppg without the benefit of a 3-point line.  Like Burke, he led Michigan to a Big Ten title and national championship game in his two years.  He was runner-up for NPOY his senior year behind Marques Johnson of UCLA, who was unreal at this level (and back then, UCLA was like Duke now - their best player was automatically in the running for NPOY).  I don't know if Burke had any competitors for the award this year that were as good as Johnson that year.



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He also went on to be a 5-time all-star in the NBA.  Not sure there is anybody that good in this year's college/draft class. 

Not to mention that IU team that beat them in the title game was a monster.  32-0, 4 first round draft picks (all in the top 11), 5 guys who had an NBA career. 

The eras were definitely different.


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Green was really, really good.  He also played in a more competitive era overall.  In the 1970s you weren't even allowed to go pro unless you could prove "financial hardship" to a committee from the NBA.

I think Burke was an amazing player and am proud to have been able to cheer him on, but I wouldn't write off the guys before him.  We have a much better basketball history than people realize.  We've been to the national championship game six times.  We just happen to have lost five of them.  If a few of those had gone the other way, we'd be considered basketball royalty.


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He has the opportunity to make millions in guaranteed money doing what he loves, and to take care of his parents. Soar on kid. He gave us LOTS of great memories, and was a class act the whole time. A Michigan man through and through. How badass is it that we had Trey and Denard representing this fine university, with their respective coaches that are class acts as well? Yet UM is SOOO inferior.


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One more year would've been great, but going to the NBA now was probably the best decision for him. Thank you for the memories, Trey, and for being a great representative of the Michigan program.


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To fully understand the ramifications of Charles Woodson's decision to leave early, but I assume the sentiment is very similar (and would be nearly identical it not for the unfortunate conclusion of one game). Would anyone agree with that?


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Best of luck to him. He's going to be the first M player in quite a while who is not a fringe NBA guy and I look forward to seeing him play in the NBA. As much as I would love to see him play in a Michigan uniform again, this is clearly the best decision for Trey.


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Has done so much for our program in these two years. So humble and well spoken. Just a great representation of the University.

I really believe something great has started with bball recruiting. Starting with D. Morris to Burke to D. Walton. And how can I forget young Spike and his contributions. Parents and student-athletes alike are taking notice. We could very easily turn into PG University in the near future.


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I actually may watch the first 10 picks for the NBA draft...cuz Burke will be taken then.

Wait wait, no i won't. I be forced to see it seven hundred times in ESPN for the week following.

Go number 1 Burke. I really don't want to watch any more of the draft then I have to.


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Burke's stock has exploded in the past couple weeks, he might not even last long enough for the Pistons (who will most likely draft between 5-7) to take him.  I really hope the Pistons get him though, Burke + Drummond pick and roll would be awesome and Knight seems more like a sg at this point.  Can't wait to root for him in the NBA regardless of what team he plays for though. Good luck Trey! 


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Your team needs a real shooting guard. Having to give 28 minutes a game to Kyle Singler is brutal. If Knight "was a SG at this point" the Pistons would be starting Calderon and Knight instead of Singler and Knight....

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Knight was moved to SG once the pistons picked up Calderon. Brandon is beginning to look for comfortable that that position. Calderon has been out with an injury which is why Knight was starting at PG.

Calderon is going to be demanding $10M plus and may be too steep for the pistons to commit too. If they decide not to resign Jose then pistons will go Burke. However Detroit desperately needs a SF


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At first I was against the Pistons selecting Burke (depending on which way the ping pong balls bounce), but the longer I analyze it the more I want to see Trey as a Piston.

For one, it's a little easier to find a 2 guard or small forward in the NBA than it is to grab a decent pg to run your team. He would fit in perfectly with the current roster. Drummond screens and rolls, and Trey (with his NBA 3 point range) can either shoot or throw a perfect lob to Andre. That's not even factoring in his excellent penetrating ability. A poster above mentioned everything you need to know about B. Knight, and I'm sorry but a quick Google search will reveal there has literally been ZERO improvement in any of his stats from yr 1 to yr 2. Zero. This is a big issue to me, and is a definite red flag. Keep him on board as a backup ball handler who can spell Trey and our new 2 guard (if we find one), or start him at 2 with Trey as the pg (and suffer with height deficiencies when we matchup on D).

I did some research on the teams that either have less wins than the Pistons or are an arms reach ahead of them, and also broke down their current situation at the point guard slot. Only one team makes me nervous and has a glaring deficiency at pg, the Kings. Here it goes: Cavs (Irving), Wizz (Wall), Twolves (Rubio), Magic (Nelson, who signed a 3 yr, $20 mil extension last yr), Bobcats (Kemba, who seems to be catching on A TON MORE than Knight), Hornets (Vasquez & Rivers), Suns (Marshall & Dragic), and finally, Kings (I. Thomas...meh).

Draft Trey and here's to hoping Joe D doesn't f free agency up again and pull a Ben Gordon and Charlie V. Sign a good 2 guard and a consistent 3, and we are no longer Pist-ons..We compete for the 8 spot hands down.


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He'll go down as one of the best ever to wear a Michigan basketball uniform.  Good decision on his part, and very wise decision not to leave after his freshman year.


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He doesn't get my good luck wishes because he doesn't need it. His talent is obvious, and he's going to crush in the league.

Me, personally, I am saving all my luck for Jordan Morgan et al. to make NBA squads.


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Great player, great teammate, and he made watching college Bball fun for me again because of how well he played the PG position. Best Michigan basketball player since Glen Rice IMO. I gave him the nod over Weber because a great PG is more valuable than a great PF.


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Here's some Derrick Walton film for you guys. Hopefully it will instill confidence in you regarding the post-Trey era of Michigan basketball.