Trey to announce tomorrow

Submitted by DrewG32 on April 13th, 2010 at 3:12 PM

Via his Twitter account, he will announce on ESPNU tomorrow.

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His interest in CMU (other than just the prospect of being able to play for his dad) was to help him out as his job security was rather iffy. Now that his dad's job security is well in hand, I'd say that would be a weight off of Trey's shoulders and would free him up to look at what is solely best for him. Most likely that plays in U of M's favor.


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is the kindest way to say "when dad gets an extension and kid immediately scraps west coast trip and says he will be visiting the school and signing, that at least hints these events aren't coincidental"

maybe he wants to be the big fish in a little pond. i was complaining that the reasoning basically was that CMU only upped the contract to get to his kid, which, IMO, is rude and implies the senior Zeigler couldn't have gotten it on merit alone.


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It's public knowledge that he was considering CMU to help his dad out with that program. He's said it himself in interviews published in multiple media sources. We've discussed pretty in depth here on this blog in fact. I suppose maybe I'm mixing this blog up with the Rivals blog, but I don't think so. I spend the majority of my Wolverine-blogging-time here.


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Why are you putting words in my mouth to try and make your argument sound better? You even put quotes around it like that's what I said. It is a fact that Trey Zeigler has come out and said that he wants to help his dad out and help turn that program around. I never made the claim that that was the "only" reason (as you so wrecklessly put it) that he was considering CMU, nor did I say that he wasn't going to choose them. I said that it played into Michigan's favor that his dad was signing an extension with CMU, and it does. Despite what some uninformed people may think. Does that mean that he won't pick CMU still? No. It's just a sign for some optimism. Furthermore, to call me out on another thread for reports that come out AFTER all the previous threads is rather vindictive and even more pathetic.


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i was pointing out how dumb it was for you to call me out on his quick decision following his dad's hiring. which it was.

instead of pointing out how wrong someone is and then saying the only point he was interested was helping his dad, pause, collect yourself and then step away. i didn't say anything that wasn't correct - him saying he would declare the week his dad is re-upped DID imply the two events were connected. you going out of your way to try to refute that was dumb.


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good for him... I hope it works out. But CMU really?... I guess not really having a father I don't understand that relationship, debate about Belien aside... I'd think you'd want to go to a place that can better your recognition for the NBA.. not in witness protection for four years.


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My totally uninformed opinion:

First thought was, shit, he's gone for CMU. He'll stick with his dad for those four years. But was there not some speculation that he would choose CMU to help dad out and secure his job? So perhaps now that his dad's job is secure, he'll look away from Mt. Pleasant?

Again, totally uninformed.


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Just stay in sate Trey! I don't understand the interest in CMU even with dad coaching there, but if you end up there good luck and maybe CMU can pack the new Rose Arena.


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If his Dad is a good coach and they have a strong relationship, not hard to see why he'd stay w. home cooking. If he's NBA caliber the NBA will find him, no? He's already ON the radar.

Finally, is Beilein's system the best one for Trey Zeigler? I know he could thrive in it, but that might or might not be his/his dad's view.

I've been WAY too wrapped up in this one, am girding my loins for bad news.


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I feel like at the end of the day, he can't pick CMU. He's too big a fish for that small pond. He's evidently not picking Sparty either, since they have no scholarships as of right now and he isn't waiting to find out what Summers is planning on doing. I have no inside info but my hunch is he'll pick us.


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I honestly wouldn't read anything into that one way or the other as far as his decision. I think we've seen those kinds of contract extensions before -- they're just designed to stabilize recruiting if a coach's contract situation is up in the air. Zeigler is on the hot seat next season, contract extension or not. That said, I still think Trey will make the decision that is best for him, not for his father.

Full disclosure -- Also a CMU alum.


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This is from twitter a few minutes ago...

UMGoBlog: Rivals says that sources have told them '10 Trey Zeigler will commit to CMU on Wednesday to play with his father.


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will be live on ESPN-U at 4 o'clock.

Rivals says he's going to stay home in Mount unfortunate for our Wolverines..... he would make a great #2 guard- hell- he can run the point too!