Trevon Bluiett update

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Mostly more indecision from Indianapolis' favorite 6'6" enigma:

“After July, in the beginning of August, I’ll start announcing the teams that made the cut,” he said. “… I was thinking about cutting it to 15 or 10, something like that. I don’t want to cut it too much, but just take it one step at a time.”

Anyone know if he's going into Sports Marketing?

“The basis is (which players are going to be at a particular school) and who is going to be there,” he said. “We talk about the coach’s personality, the players’ personalities. We look at conference play, strength of schedule, that type of stuff. Academics are a huge part, to see if they have the major I want to get into. That’s how we look at it.”

Bluiett said Arizona, Vanderbilt and Memphis are among the schools that have been making more recent contact. He added that the schools making the most contact that have been after him for a while are Indiana, Butler, Purdue, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Illinois, Florida, Michigan and Xavier.


Bluiett said he’s still hoping to take five official visits prior to a decision, but that could be a challenge depending on his schedule. He does plan to sign in November and not wait until the spring.

So is he Blue yet? /obligatory



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247 lists Butler and Michigan as "Warmer" and Indiana and UCLA as "Warm".  Crystal Ball predictions are 9 for Michigan, 1 for Butler.  The Butler pick was in May and every Michigan pick has been since July 3rd.  Picks are coming from Big Ten insiders, and insiders for other contenders for Bluiett's services.

I had been holding off on my optimism/excitement about Bluiett for some time, but since Stevens left Butler, I have to think we have a better shot than a few weeks ago.  He would be a great get.


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I am still having a hard time believing that the basketball program is in on so many highly-rated recruits. It's been a long time coming since the Fab Five days to return to where they are now.

The sky is the limit for both bball and hoops programs these days.


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A lot of people thought that Perry Watson, Jalen Rose, and Chris Webber were a "package deal."  Watson had a piece of baggage named Ed Martin.  

Contrast that with the squeaky-clean way MIchigan recruits and runs the program now.  This is much better than the "Fab Five Days."


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Regarding Trevon Blueitt, according to this piece from Nick Baumgardner about 10 days ago, something that might have helped keep us in the race for Blueitt may have been LaVall Jordan not getting the job at Butler.

"They've been texting me constantly, three, four times a week," Bluiett told in May. "Out of them, I have the best relationship with (Michigan assistant) LaVall Jordan."

Supposedly, there was a shift during the coaching interviews at Butler that would have predicted Blueitt going to Butler, but these have since switched back mostly to Michigan. 


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in my mind .... not a tough decision ... its just a ... check the box. I am thinking this goes another way and no worries for Michigan. You are Michigan in your heart or not. For god sakes.


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This is why I enjoy football recruiting a lot more than hoops recruiting.  Seems like most basketball kids have a bunch of schools they are considering and no timeline when they might make a decision.  I'm just going to wait until someone commits and then read up on the guy.


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Exactly how is that different from football recruiting?

Not trying to be a dick here, but football is the same way with kids naming favorites, cutting the list, and pushing back decision dates or switching from one school they were leaning heavily towards to another school that makes a late push ( see: Treadwell, Laquon).


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Scholarship breakdown

Top '14 Targets

Top '15 Targets

Based on the scholarship breakdown, they have one spot open, but I expect 2 spots because of McGary/GRIII departing for the NBA draft.  Austin Hatch status is very much in the air and hasn't be cleared to play basketball.  So Michigan has 3-4 schollie to give for '14 recruits.

Realistically, Michigan are in for Devin Booker, Trevon Bluiett, Kameron Chatman and Kevon Looney.  Looney is clearly the crown jewel of the class but Booker isn't far behind.  Bluiett is another quality recruit.  Chatman has potential and can play PG, SG and SF but needs work on shooting.

As for '15 recruits, Michigan are in for Jalen Brunson, Jalen Coleman and Luke Kennard.  Kennard seem to have Michigan as his leader until UK come calling for him and it's going to be a tough battle between Michigan and UK for his service. Other players who haven't been offered but will once they visit the campus are Diamond Stone, Stephen Zimmerman, Dwayne Bacon, Corey Sanders, and Sedrick Barefield. If Michigan wants him, they would land Hyron Edwards whose recruiting has cooled down this summer due to his size.