Trevon Bluiett may have decommitted from UCLA

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Rumors floating on the twitter that Trevon Bluiett may have decommitted from UCLA. I doubt he ends up at Michigan if it happens but who knows. Crazy year for bball recruiting.

EDIT: Confirmed. Bluiett has decommitted. Interesting note from the Indy Star: Bluiett is now the 5th highly ranked prospect from Indiana to rescind his commitment in the 2014 class following Trey Lyles, James Blackmon Jr, JaQuan Lyle, and Bryant McIntosh:




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There was a poster in the James Blackmon thread who said that his brother-in-law is a Big East coach and that the brother-in-law told him that our messages boards might light up at 6:00 today.  I'm not sure how he'd know that this news would come out at about this time of day, but this story fits somewhat with the idea of news breaking at 6:00.

EDIT: the twitter message is 2 hours old, so it fits less than I thought...


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Is that a predicament?  If Bluiett wanted in, I assume we'd take him in place of Blackmon or Booker.  Both Bluiett and Chatman can play the 2 or 3, so we'd be in good shape.  I'd rather have Booker or Blackmon than Bluiett, but there's that whole bird in the hand thing going on. 


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I read on Twitter that his father says California was too far away. I wonder if Bluiett wants to go out-of-state for school, but perhaps only a four hour drive, you know, like UM.   

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All he did was pick another school over Michigan to start with and changed his mind.  Besides, I assume you or no one on this board knows in what terms he told the coaches the news.  Unless he burned his bridges by saying something stupid, which I highly doubt, I can't see any reasons why the coaches wouldn't be open to talking with him again.  Of course it depends on what they've told other recruits in the interim after he committed initially to UCLA.

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"Stood up" isn't the exact right term either, but he basically rescheduled his official to Michigan after it had all been planned and other recruits had been turned away for that weekend in order to visit UCLA.  

I'd be surprised if we got back in.


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As a Butler alum, I hope he ends up there or at least at UM. The Butler forum has absolutely zero inside information or any conversation about Trevon going on right now.  So, I'm assuming it's wide open recruitment wise.  

With the crap storm Butler is in right now (losing Rosie Jones for the year, Brad moving on the Celts, and the new Big East getting ready to lay the smack down on us), we could use a big win in recruiting.


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What is a consensus around Indy about Stevens' decision to leave for the Celtics?  He had so many opportunities to get high-profile college jobs the last few years, so it was odd to see him leave for the pros, but of course the NBA is the top of the mountain.  However, he could easily be out of a job in 3-4 years in the fickle NBA and be right back where he started -- well, except for that whole being rich as all hell thing, but anyway.


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What he (allegedly) told his players is that he would never coach for another college, whcih I think he legitimately meant. He loved Butler/Indy and Butler/Indy loved him. I think he planned on building the program up. The crazy thing about the Celtics thing is that it caught everyone off guard. No one ever imagined(Stevens probably included) that he would be the first person offered for a historic NBA job. I think that created a whole different discussion. It's hard to say what to make of all of it, but I like to think that in the long run it's good for the credibility and prestige of Butler's basketball program.


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I think the consensus from fans and the community was pretty much sadness but understanding. Kind of like watching your kid go off to college - you don't want him to go but you know its his opportunity.  

If he would have left for another university outside of say a school like Duke or an NBA franchise like Charlotte, I think it would have been a much harder pill to swallow. But, its the friggin Celtics - Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Red Auerbach, etc...  Yeah, the money part of the equation makes sense, but so does the opportunity to be part of that history/legacy.

I think he also had very little challenges left at Butler - back to back trips to the NC game.  How do you top that? Only one way - with an actual win in a NC game.  Speaking realistically I think that chance is really really small unless you are at one of the perenial final four schools.  I think its an opportunity for Brad to challenge and prove himself.

Really sucked to see him go - had big hopes for the season.  But, the one thing Butler does extremely well - next man up and surprising everyone but themselves.