Tressel has OSU extend his suspension to five games

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RT @dispatcheditor: BREAKING NEWS: Source says Tressel asks for and receives same 5-game penalty as 5


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RT @dispatcheditor NCAA to rule any minute on #Buckeyes and tattoo discounts for players. Stay tuned.
seems odd they would announce before OSU hits the hardwood...



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Agreed. The Sugar Bowl probably wouldn't have been won by tsio without the players who should've been suspended at that point; just as we wouldn't have gotten to the Final Four without the players who should've been suspended at one point or another.


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I almost always agree with you, but the knowledge that Tressel knew his players were ineligible means the game should definitely be vacated and maybe even forfeited.  Vacating wins is normally pretty silly, because everyone who was at the game saw what happened and pretending it didn't is pointless.  But you guys shouldn't get to brag about a win that came about because your coach orchestrated a cover-up and made a deal with the devil to get his players on the field.  That's unfathomable.


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I know an increased suspension of the Tat 5 would help us, and I believe the players should be suspended, but in light of the new evidence of what Tressel did, I think their suspension should be and will be reduced, or at least remain the same. I think they did what they did because of Tressel's lack of discipline and integrity. I blame him a lot more than I blame the players now.


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BINGO: and the NCAA has sold out again.  Ineligible players for a whole season and no vacated wins.  Oh yeah, an ineligble player in a national championship player and no vacated championship.  Lovely

EDIT: okay I wrote that after reading the tweet and not the story.  No NCAA decision on Tressel, only on the Tat5.  Speculation resumes.

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So is a coach not allowed to be at practices for a 5 game suspension?  It seems like suspending a coach is weak if he's done a good job empowering his assistants. 

Also, doesn't this mean that Tressel is admitting guilt in all of this and is now bidding against himself to try and dissuade the NCAA from taking harsher action? 


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So, OSU says Tressel will be suspended for spring practice + 2 games. Then zoink!, no, just 2 games. And now, hey, St. Jimmy says that he thinks it's fair if he's penalized the same as the players. OSU is letting ITS COACH SET THE PENALTY. Combined with Gee's comments, where is the institutional control? There is none. Not to mention that OSU can't get its shit straight over what it thinks a fair penalty should be.

Eye of the Tiger

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The NCAA needs to penalize OSU's program in a meaningful and appropriate manner, one that shows the program that it cannot play fast and loose with the rules.

Why not vacate wins?  Because we already lived through those games and by doing so, the NCAA is just doing a bad photoshop job.  It's not like other teams gain wins for vacated losses.  Even if funny stuff was going on at the time, OSU still won those games...we all watched it happen.  What's done is done; you can't change the past, only the future.  

Why not the early season suspensions?  Because this is what OSU wants the NCAA to choose.  So what if OSU loses 1 out of 5?  Or even 2 out of 5?  They'll still go to a decent pay-day bowl game, still finish respectfully in the Big 10, and even still have a chance to win it.  In other words, there will be few to no meaningful repercussions to  the program for having violated NCAA bylaws.   

So what's the solution?  Follow the USC sanctions, though in all likelihood with less severity.  USC had wins vacated, lost 30 scholarships over 3 years and got a 2-year postseason ban.  I'd scrap the vacated wins, as per argument above, and do this:

1. Penalize OSU by 24 scholarships over 3 years (8/year).  Even if OSU will continue to recruit good kids under those limitations, a la USC, their ability to simply lock-and-reload will be compromised for several years, a la USC.  It is impossible to get depth at every position under those limitations, so OSU will pay a serious price in terms of conference wins under those circumstances.

2. Give OSU a 1-year postseason ban.  That would ensure that the current squad, which includes the players and coach in question, will pay a price for their violation of NCAA  bylaws.  




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Tressel waited to give himself 5 games AFTER the NCAA appeal of the TAT5. It was a set-up/PR move when tOSU gave him two to punish himself more and hope of appeasing the NCAA...Bush-league man.