Tressel got on it ASAP.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State athletics officials said on Monday night that they would not comment on a report that coach Jim Tressel knew that several Ohio State football players were selling memorabilia in April 2010, more than eight months before the university claimed it learned about the issue.


The report followed a two-month Yahoo! Sports investigation that looked into what Tressel knew about some of his players selling memorabilia for money and discounted tattoos.

Story can be found here.

Good thing he still has that whole 'confidential federal information' thing going for him.




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Well... apparently I'm that guy.  Please explain how a story that was posted an hour and a half ago and hasn't been put up here since the Hello thread could be old news.  Good thing my eFeelings don't get eButthurt by negging and sarcastic replies...


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In case you are wondering, the other posters are making fun of you because this story  is old news now.  It was posted on the front page at 11 AM this morning. 

But yea, blows up the stupid story about confidentiality. 


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I personally think that every topic on the board should be about what an ass Tressel is, even if they are redundant. Let's not forget he sic'ced bomb-sniffing dogs on our team bus. That's not very Christian of you Senator Tressel. Hypocrit piece of shit.