Treon Harris transfers from UF; 7th QB transfer in 3 years

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An interesting bit of news during the abyss that is late July college football news. Treon Harris offically left Florida. This means he is the 7th Florida QB to transfer since 2013 and:

Every #Gators QB to commit to UF during the Will Muschamp era has since transferred from the program. Pretty wild.

— Landon Watnick (@LandonWatnick) July 25, 2016

Impressive. The QB battle is now apparently between an Oregon State transfer and Purdue transfer Austin Appleby. I anxiously look forward to another thrilling 9-7 victory over Vanderbilt this fall.



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I felt bad for that kid during the game. The announcers said pretty early on that his running was something special, but they weren't going to use him that way because "that's not who they want to be."

I was thinking "yep, we've been there with Coach Nuss. Great talent, not gonna use it. That kid's probably going to die this game."

Feel for you, Treon. Do not blame him one bit for transferring.


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The year was 2008 and there was a coach who wouldn't adjust to the talent on hand so they left.  Let me fast forward to the story book end.   We had just come off a stubborn lose to a very under rated Purdue team and the next challenge was a mountain of mediocrity that no one thought our upstarts had a chance to beat.  Then early in the first quarter when the equipment guy went down with concussion like symptons on to the field came a mountain, er hill of a man with talent  like Pat White except slower and with a weaker arm amd leadership like General Westmoreland  it was the immortal Nick Sheridan.  Over coming the handicap of lack of talent he showed that given the right amount of transfers and injurys anyone could end a winning Quarterback,  We cheered as this was our championship.  A WIN AGAINST Minnesota.  Capping a masterful 3-9 first season for new head coach whats his name.  Good coaches adjust to who they have not force squares into diamond.


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threw the ball 60% of the time in his first year? That's adjustment because they didn't have a running game to speak until Minor went on a Minor rage late in the season.  But don't let the narrative take over this post though.

When you have Threet and Sherdian who are both awful starting QBs, why not just go full fore on the transition to get a jump start on year 2?

Mr. Yost

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I hope you're not suggesting these transfers are because of a fault with McElwain.  

Because if you are, you're delusional.

By all accounts, he's a decent guy.  He's a decent guy swimming through the morass that is the SEC.  He's installing discipline and accountability -- something that program hasn't had in a while.

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Pretty sure Treon essentially got kicked off the team, and this wasn't a voluntary transfer.  He wasn't a part of the team from like January to just recently when he "returned to school and began working out"...whatever that means.

Kid had a long rap sheet of off-field issues.  May have just hit strike #3, and Jimmy Mac told him to kick rocks.