Tremendous has a bunch of positive recruiting news...

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Didn't know how to more appropriately title this thread.  I think more explanation is out the behind a paywall, but here are some of the recruiting items he threw out on Twitter:

- 5* CB Kendall Sheffield would like to visit

- 4* DE Kyree Campbell was waiting on an offer, already set a visit

- 5* CB Iman Marshall is friends with Canteen, very likely to plan an official

- 4* Grant Newsome likely deciding between Michigan and PSU

- 5* 2016 OL Liam Eichenberg has set a return date for another Michigan visit

- Michigan is still a factor for 5* DE Jashon Cornell

Approximately 9 million other 4/5* guys are allegedly high on Michigan right now as well, including Brandon Burton, AD Miller, whoever @_treyjohnb is, and so on.  He drops updates on even more high profile guys. 

How much of this is rooted in reality, and how much is a maize and blue fever dream for Lorenz?  Hopefully a lot of this will be covered in the recruiting post today?



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It's encouraging that we've continued to recruit extremely well despite one successful season in the last 5+. It certainly bodes well for recruiting when we actually start beating MSU and OSU again


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I can remember paying rivals back in 2001-2002ish... 

I found mgoblog back when it was the old site and basically any of the info you needed was on there...

paying for recruiting isn't insane to me but it is a waste of money and time.




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It's an offseason (and sometimes on) hobby for most people. Similar to you enjoying watching Michigan games, people like to follow recruiting. There's nothing wrong with that.

I personally enjoy watching highlights of high school players and seeing them develop in college and beyond.

Do you pay money to maintain a hobby? It's the same thing.

Voltron is Handsome

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I didn't say there is anything wrong with it.

Regarding following recruiting - I do it just fine while not paying for it. We get all the updates needed on this site for free.

As for your question: my hobbies are Xbox, sports, and movies, so yeah, I pay for those things, but it's not the same thing as paying companies to offer their opinions about a bunch of high school kids when in the end, said opinions mean absolutely nothing when they're in college.


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It was discussed some yesterday in another thread but we really haven't lost a step when it comes to going after and getting a good amount of top-rated talent. Starting in 2011, the last few classes including the 2015 class in process looked like this in terms of their average Rivals star rating (data courtesy of BlueCube):

2015 - 3.57

2014 - 3.44

2013 - 3.63

2012 - 3.57

2011 - 3.25

2011 is pretty explainable, of course, so there is reason to believe perhaps a couple of the kids Tremendous was discussing end up in Ann Arbor just based on where things have been lately.


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Just win and all of this shit will take care of itself. The amount of talent we get for just being "Michigan" is mind boggling. Just think of how much easier recruiting would be if we won 11 games a year.


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Not freshman but they had two RS sophomores  last year (one a 2 star, one a 3 star) who are both projected in the 1st round in 2015 IF they declare early.    At 2 of the toughest positions to be a bad ass early - DE and CB.  In theory we have Funchess as a comparable.


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First you are the best girlfriend ever, providing excitment and hope for evenings of endless bliss as you leave your shirt unbuttoned a little too far and bend over to pick up your pen.  Then the next minute, you are a psycho bitch ripping our soul out saying we can't hang out with our friends and you gave us herpes. We lay there in the cold damp room and weep curled in the fetal position.  Now, you reach under the covers, put your hand on us and press your wet lips to our ear and whisper the words "5 stars" in our ears. 

God, I love you 2014!

Steve Lorenz

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Michigan is in the conversation for a lot of top players right now. That's what happens when you have a small class and can narrow your focus on a smaller group of overall players. 

How they finish will in a lot of ways be determined by how they finish on the field this year, at least with the players that plan to wait that long to commit. The honeymoon in some ways is over as far as recruiting goes; some kids want to see a high quality product on the field. 

As far as the "maize and blue fever" or whatever that is, those who believe that probably don't follow the site very closely. Michigan has a long track record of doing very, very well when they get players on campus. In terms of strictly recruiting, they are easily one of the top programs in the country, which is why players are consistently high on them when the coaching staff puts the effort in with them. Saying Kendall Sheffield (example) wants to visit (which he does) and making it clear that LSU, Alabama and Texas A&M will be difficult to beat is not pumping out sunshine. 

Appreciate the shout-out though. Hope everyone is doing well. 


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Agree we do well when we get these kids on campus.  The problem lately is AFTER they leave campus ...even with a committment.  Is it possible we can just jail them in Ann Arbor on campus?  This would clearly stop the problems we have had of late of decommits or potential ones.