Treais, Moffie, & Bennett named hockey captains

Submitted by lhglrkwg on April 4th, 2012 at 5:10 PM

In other hockey news, AJ Treais, Mac Bennett, and Lee Moffie were just named captains for next season. I suppose this close the door on any lingering questions on Bennett or Moffie leaving for the pro's.

EDIT: As pointed out below, Treais will wear the C. Mac & Lee are the alternates



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Red has been known to have announced alternate captains skip town. Andy Hilbert comes immediately to mind (he even participated in the promo for the Cold War) and Cammalleri was already an A when he signed. I believe there were others, though they don't come to mind.

Short answer: Being named an alternate captain does not change your potential signing status for the next year.


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It was unpleasant, yes; I've often remarked that I live in the one place that will constantly remind me of our heartbreaking loss last year, and that has indeed been the case. I am almost certainly the biggest Michigan Hockey fan in town by a wide margin. Next year, at least, the "Reigning national champion" electronic billboards won't be there, though I do follow UMD hockey a bit and that dumb highlight will be replayed forever. Still, the people here are not brutal about it and any knocking I do get is good-natured. And Duluth is an otherwise glorious place to live. It just happened that the championship game last year was my worst nightmare.

This is nothing like being in EL or Columbus. Nothing at all.


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But Red doesn't hand out letters unless he has a good feeling that the players are staying, so it's generally a sign that Red doesn't think the players are going to leave and the rest of the team doesn't think the player is going to leave.  Obviously, that opinion is fallible, it's a long summer, full of enticing offers, but it's a better indication than hearing absolutely nothing about them.  As i recall, Red got pretty heated at Cammy leaving, in no small part, because he gave him the A.


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IIRC, Mike Van Ryn was named a co-captain at the Dekers banquet following his sophomore year, then the whole summer drama ensued that finally ended in his leaving for the OHL/Van Ryn Rule.

I think Mike was the first captain ("C" or "A") that I recall leaving after being given the honor. Then it happened again the next year or two or something.  I know it got to the point where Red finally had enough and he ended up deciding the captains later in the summer for a few years (traditionally they were announced at the Deker Awards banquet).


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What a coincidence.  I was driving on Packard on my way to work yesterday afternoon, and A.J. crosses in front of me, jogging, as I came to a complete stop.

Great choice by Red.  I'm also happy I'm not responsible for injuring our future captain.