Treadwell will not take anymore visits until after this season - will take official to Michigan

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on October 23rd, 2012 at 2:18 PM

According to Chris Balas (citing, the Rival's Illinois prep site):


Laquon Treadwell taking no more visits until after the season, per . Will visit Michigan officially. #fb

As you all likely know, he was supposed to be at the game this weekend, but could not make it for unstated reasons. This is definitely a good sign though (in my opinion) for us because

1. He's not visiting anywhere else for a while so our cancellation is not unique.
2. He's makin his trip an official visit (it was supposed to be an unofficial visit before), which likely removes one competitor for his services and shows that despite Ann Arbor's geographic convenience, it's worth using one of his officials to go to Michigan (for about the 200th time).

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WAIT a second... are you saying that.... *gasp*.... we have GOOD Treadwell news????? Does this mean Treadwell might actually be a "good fit" for Michigan after all??? Is it possible???


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Taking an official visit to Michigan cannot possibly be bad news... not unless he is planning to walk into Hoke's office and tell him that he is going somewhere else... David Boston style...


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Just because Treadwell hasn't committed on our timeframe, what has he done to suggest that we're trailing in regards to his services?    Declared someone else as his leader?    Nope.    Visited someone more often than us?    Nope.   He hasn't even visited OU or OSU, the other schools that people seem to be most worried about.  

By all accounts, we're still the leader for his services.    And now, he's even added us as one of his official visits after saying that he was going to use that visit on another school.  I just don't understand the pessimism.




October 24th, 2012 at 8:52 AM ^

To make my statement clear, I don't think Michigan is trailing for his services yet, although Ole Miss has emerged as a serious contender, but I think Michigan will trail after he visits Oklahoma St.  He stated that he wants to play in a spread offense, and when there is a school out there that plays that offense and puts up video game numbers passing while developing NFL receivers, it will be very tough for him to turn that down.  I am not trying to be negative, I am just giving my honest assessment of the situation, and I won't be surprised or have a meltdown on this board if the coaching staff will have to go with a backup plan to fill the remaining receiver position in this class.


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I know we have been burned in the past. So of course we have our guard up! But we haven't been in it with a top WR in a long time.


Remember, Receivers are their own breed. They tend to have a little diva in them. The spot on the field that has to ask for the ball.


I think we keep riding the Treadwell Train, not is as dire as we are making it.... we are just old hardened and spurned lovers in the world of star recruits.


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I feel pretty good about our chances, no real evidence, just a gut.  Not as great as sam's gut.  I saw all the news about him wanting to visit eveywhere else, but I think his heart is with Michigan.  It always feels good to be wanted, whatever age you are.  I believe that he will be blue when all is said and done.

Buck Killer

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I know "the hoke rule", but Dawson committed way too early. He had some slut in Florida named ______gator that no young man could turn down. Any chance he would get offered again? Hell I would have been pissed if he hadn't gone and hit that. And no he wasn't going to pay his own way, and neither would you in high school.


October 24th, 2012 at 10:21 AM ^

Laquon's uncle passed away and that was the reason that he didn't make the UM/MSU game this past weekend.  He still lists Michigan as favorite for Laquon with OU and OSU laying waiting in the weeds ...