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Submitted by dayooper63 on June 30th, 2012 at 4:07 PM

Yes. Obvious tweet is obvious "@alex11w: Shock! RT @adamgorney: Laquon Treadwell said at the B2G Elite Camp that #Michigan team to beat"





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I don't think that is true, this coaching staff has no problem finding someone else. I think it was Greg Mattison that said "those that want to wait and do a hat thing, won't be coming to Michigan because there will be no room." I looked and can't find the exact quote.


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You know, these are the sorts of dilemmas that I think you want as a staff. When we're sitting here wondering which of two 4-star wide receivers will potentially commit to Michigan, in a way, it's good to be able to do that.

In any event, the tweet  hopefully bodes well for us in the end - Treadwell would be a awesome get. Recalling  his highlight tape, that sort of speed and someone who is a  constant outside threat would be a huge asset. 


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Can someone please translate for me? I understand that LT said Michigan is the team to beat, but what do all the other symbols mean?


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Or what I said is that it'll take more than a tweet to convince me. So Treadwell reiterated that Michigan is his leader. Great. We can take your point of view, and assume this mean that we should buckle up and throw a commitment party. Or we could look at his actions and realize that, yes, actions do speak louder than words.

turd ferguson

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I'm curious about where you found my "point of view" in my response to you.  In case you're interested, my point of view - expressed most recently in that Auburn thread - is that there's a (slightly) less than 50% chance that Treadwell commits to Michigan, but I think the probability that he commits to Michigan is greater than the probability that he commits to any other individual school.

I feel like there's part of our fanbase that wants to force a narrative onto any recruit who doesn't commit immediately that he's "this year's Jordan Diamond."  There's very little basis for that, especially with Treadwell.  I've never heard him provide a list of leaders that didn't include Michigan, and, in the spirit of actions speaking louder than words, he has visited us a bunch of times and apparently is coming back for the BBQ.  Sure, he wants to see other campuses/games, and I would too.  Maybe one of those visits - or something else - will nudge him toward another school, but I see no evidence that he's being dishonest when he calls Michigan his current leader.

turd ferguson

June 30th, 2012 at 5:10 PM ^

Wait, you mean all of those "he gone" and "it's time to move on" posts in the thread about him wanting to visit Auburn were ridiculous overreactions? Shocking.