Treadwell to Ole Miss

Submitted by UMichMSW07 on January 17th, 2013 at 6:09 PM
I am still baffled as to what happend with Michigan. Good luck to him. Hope he enjoyed 6-6 seasons.



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The classic who cares post... (obviously you cared enough to post)...

Considering there are hundreds of posts/comments a week saying we need PLAYMAKERS!!!!!!!! comments I would say a lot of people care.

As a fan base I also think UM has a tough time when we "lose" players who were thought to be UM leans.

I agree with your last point though- once UM was not longer a candidate I moved on pretty quick.  

Good luck at Ole Miss Treadwell


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I don't get any kid playing for a school with such a racist history, but's not me...not my family.  Enjoy the pleasant land of Mississippi.


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I am in Starkville, MS.  The difference in cultures between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is huge.  Ole Miss is known as the most rascist school in the deep south.  Here is a link to the "race riots" on the Ole Miss campus following the presidential election.  It's basically some dipshit white frat boys feeling disenfranchised.

I'm sure Laquon's mother is so proud.

Disclaimer - this post is not meant to be political, but to illustrate the problems at Ole Miss.  Race riots following a presidential election, no matter the outcome, are to be scorned.


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I started to freak out becaue over on 247sports, the M logo was by his name. Once you click his name at the bottom it says Ole Miss. What a tease


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Wish he could have gone blue, he has tremendous talent. However, it doesn't really seem like he fit the mold of a "Michigan Man" it seemed as if he wanted to go to a program that he would immediatly be "the guy." Also seemed like he wanted to go to a program that he believed he would be bigger than.


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You're not going to find a lot of kids at the skill positions who don't want to be the guy.  Once you start getting recruited by BCS schools, you are likely coming from a place where you were the guy and want it to stay that way.  Have no problem with that as long as they can back it up on the field.


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He was looking at schools with a more effective pass offense.  We had far less pass yardage than OSU, OU, and Ole Miss.  Someone should have told him Denard wasn't going to be QB next year...

Whatever, this OL class will make the receivers we have look like 4* guys.  Would have been nice to have him, he really is that good, but I'm not losing sleep over it.


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I'd pick Ole Miss ( and its racist student population) over Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCLA, USC, and friends too.

EDIT: rumor has it that we backed off due to grades. I'd still think Oklahoma and other schools wouldn't back off the top wideout in the country because of grades. NCAA standards are the same all around.

ND Sux

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WTF do YOU know about the Ole Miss student population?  Your statement parallels what you deplore about racism, which is painting groups of people with a single brush stroke. 

Nice work hypocrite.